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Tabitha Lyons is a British Instagram personality known for building and modeling props. She is a cosplayer, host, and model. Her Instagram account, @artyfakes, features many racy photos of her in cosplay, wearing props she assembled.

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United Kingdom

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5 feet 5 inches (165cm)





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Light brown

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Tabitha Lyons is best known as a cosplayer. The majority of her followers on Instagram and Twitter love her perfect representation of famous movie characters. She achieves these feats with her innate love for assembling props.

Her body paintings are especially pleasing. She also models outfits for her brand on and has done some stage dancing over the years.

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Who Is Tabitha Lyons Dating?

She is, to current knowledge, single. She keeps her private life very private. As such, who she has dated or is currently dating is unknown.

Tabitha Lyons Instagram

On her Instagram page, she has made 384 posts.

Her first post was made on April 1, 2014. On average, she gets about 5,000 likes per post, while some of her posts get as much as 12,000 likes.

About Tabitha Lyons

She is known to be in her mid-30s, though her exact date of birth is unknown. Artyfakes is a family business, but she is its face.

Lyons is a private person. Hence, information about her love life and relationship is scarce online. Although she completed her education in the UK, what school she attended is unknown.


She has not disclosed any information about her family members. She, though, owns a workshop with her father in the UK.

Interesting Facts

Tabitha Lyons loves being in front of the camera, creating amazing photographs. This is one reason why she models. She also enjoys designing and creating weekly shoots for her OnlyFans.

Lyons has appeared on TV shows like Take Me Out and is often invited to red carpet premieres of major blockbuster films.

She discovered the world of cosplay in 2012 and has ever since loved it. She has worked as a cosplayer with Blizzard, Fortnite, and Riot, amongst many others.

She and her dad have taken commissions for many people in building props, including Twitch and Warners Brothers.

She is the first cosplayer to start prop making live on Twitch. She was a Game of Thrones Ambassador and had the opportunity to interview cast members.

Lyons is a stage host for MCM Comic Con and has worked with Marvel, Netflix, Nintendo, Sony, and DC.

She has another Instagram account, @lyonlewds, where she posts non-cosplay pictures of herself.

She is mom to a cute Pomeranian named Mando.