T.J.Holmes Allegedly Cheated With Several Women At ABC

It has been revealed that the Good Morning America presenter cheated on his wife with several women at ABC. Reportedly, he has been called a "serial cheater."

It was already known the anchor had an affair with his co-star Amy Robach. Both of them have been taken off air due to the allegations.

"They were taken off the air to calm things down," a source confirmed.

Multiple sources have since told that he had at least one additional affair with a female coworker.

Before his romantical involvement with Robach, he cheated on his wife Marilee Fiebig with producer Natasha Singh for three years.

Singh was married to movie producer Garrett Braren at the time of the affair, but the couple has since broken up.

Holmes is under investigation for contract violation since a clause in his contract states that "relationships between employees (including non-managerial employees) where one employee assigns the work duties or sets the work schedule of the other" is prohibited.

Robach, 49, reportedly knew about his affair with Singh and even helped him cover it up.

The two began their months-long affair in March while they trained for the New York City Half Marathon. Both of them left their spouses in August.

They were caught on camera while visiting bars near the ABC office.

According to another coworker, the couple had been very careful to not let their relationship be known.

"They have a very cozy relationship on air, but that is what is expected. But they were very careful behind the scenes to keep their affair secret. The producers at GMA are shocked to hear they are having an affair," the source said.

However, the photos showing the couple on romantic dates tell a different story.

Other GMA anchors including Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos have not taken the story lightly since they strongly believe in family values and happy marriages.

"George and Robin do not like this. This is very messy," a source explained.