Symbolism Of Your Birthstone And How It Reflects Your Personality

January – Garnet

Garnet comes from the Greek word ‘granatum’ meaning pomegranate seed, and if you’ve seen a pomegranate seed, then you will understand. This beautiful deep red gemstone is a symbol of loyalty and everlasting friendship. Taking into account what this beautiful stone stands for, this makes it an ideal gift for a friend or loved one. If this is your birthstone then you are not only a very loyal friend, but you are hardworking and a determined person. You also have an intense quest for knowledge and spreading awareness.

February – Amethyst

Amethysts have a beautiful purple color similar to the color of grape wine. Funnily, in ancient times February’s deep purple gemstone was said to ward off the stupor-inducing powers of the wine god Bacchus! This gemstone represents individuals that are bold and willful. Carrying an Amethyst is supposed to help to keep a clear head and vigilance. People with Amethyst as their birthstone are considered to be very quick-witted and smart. If you’ve any exams coming up, this is a great stone to take in with you to help with clear thinking.

March – Aquamarine

Coming from the Latin words, ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘marina’ meaning the sea. According to a myth related to this gemstone, it was said to protect sailors on voyages. The color alone of aquamarine gives off a very calming and soothing effect. So it’s not surprising that people with this birthstone prefer quiet and are peace-loving individuals. The transparent blue of aquamarines signifies honesty which is another characteristic of people with this as their birthstone. Friends with this birthstone are good to have around.

April – Diamond

The diamond is one of the most valuable stones on the planet and is usually given as a symbol of love. This beautiful clear sparkling stone represents eternal love and strength. People with this as their birthstone are said to be fighters and love to be in the spotlight. They are also highly courageous and are not afraid of any challenge.

May – Emerald

The name Emerald comes from the Greek word ‘smaragdus’ which means green, which of course makes sense as emeralds are a beautiful light to deep green. Emeralds were seen to be a sign of good fortune and youth and helped in giving the wearer foresight. People that have this beautiful green gemstone as their birthstone is said to be creative, determined and, fun-loving individuals. They also have a deep understanding of people’s feelings and are highly empathetic. They are sensitive to those around them and tend to cheer people up.

June – Pearl

Pearls form inside oysters, and because of this, they are one of the most difficult gems to come across. Pearls are considered the Queen of gemstones, and just like this birthstone, people born in June are some of the rarest people you will find because of their happy-go-lucky outlook. Their feelings can be hurt easily, but at the same time, they are incredibly resilient people.

July – Ruby

Rubies are considered to be the King of the gemstones, and this beautiful rich red stone represents fun-loving and reckless people. People with this as their birthstone are said to be up for a laugh and adventures. They also make ideal leaders as they can diffuse high temper situations.

August – Peridot

Ancient Egyptians referred to Peridots as the ‘gem of the sun.’ This gemstone was used to ward off any envious thoughts and used as an amulet against any evil spirits. People born with this as their birthstone are full of fun and good humor, and they shine brightly like the sun. August-born people are very optimistic while also remaining logical and rational.

September – Sapphire

The name Sapphire comes from the Persian word ‘safir’ which means blue. This royal blue gemstone represents loyalty and commitment. Further to this, people with this as their birthstone are known to have high standards and expectations for themselves. They are very hard-working, committed, and creative people.

October – Opal

This magnificent multi-colored stone symbolizes people with holistic tendencies and are very well-rounded people. People born in this month are also party people, but they have their times when they need calm and peace. They are strong-willed people who are very goal-driven.

November – Topaz

People who have this beautiful champagne-colored gemstone are intelligent and fiercely independent people. They don’t need anyone to inspire or motivate them; in fact, they are the ones that inspire and motivate others around them. Although it isn’t needed as such, they still love to hear praise and appreciation from people.

December – Zircon

The word Zircon comes from the Arabic words ‘zar’ and ‘gun’, which means gold and color. Zircon was associated with healing illnesses and preventing injury or harm. People with this birthstone are said to be bursting with energy, and ready to uplift the spirits of those around them. They like to have a good laugh and are up for an adventure anytime.