Sydney Sweeney's Grandparents Say She Has 'Best T-Ts In Hollywood' After Watching 'Euphoria' Sex Scenes

Sydney Sweeney shared that her grandparents were impressed with her "stellar" physique after watching her intimate scenes in Euphoria, believing she has the "finest bust in Hollywood." Although the actress, known for portraying Cassie Howard in the provocative HBO Max show, overlooked her character's steamy scenes when she invited her grandparents to the second season's premiere, they seemed quite pleased rather than embarrassed.

1. Sweeney was too excited not to invite her whole family

During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sweeney shared that she was so thrilled about Euphoria's return for another season that she completely forgot about the nude scenes. The 24-year-old actress invited her entire family to the Hollywood premiere, not considering the potential nudity. They ended up sitting next to each other in front of a giant screen, which made the experience even more intense.

2. Her grandparents didn't bat an eye

Sweeney's grandparents surprised her with their response to the explicit scenes in Euphoria by giving her an unexpected compliment. Instead of being critical, they praised their granddaughter by declaring that she has the best breasts in Hollywood, as shared by Sweeney herself.

3. Sweeney doesn't mind stripping down on screen

Although Sweeney does not support excessive nudity, she believes that it can be justified for a character and storyline to feel authentic. However, she also acknowledges that her character Cassie's overt sexuality can sometimes hinder her work from being taken seriously.

4. Sweeney stands behind her acting work and the character

In a recent interview with The Independent, Sweeney expressed her pride in her performance on Euphoria, but highlighted the fact that her nudity tends to overshadow her hard work. She pointed out the unfair double standard in the industry where male actors in nude scenes receive awards and accolades, whereas female actors are often judged differently.