Sweet Surprise: Job Seeker Sends Resume In Box Of Donuts

Finding the perfect job can be a difficult task nowadays when there are limited opportunities and high competition.

However, one creative job seeker came up with an innovative solution. Instead of sending a traditional resume, they sent their CV concealed in a box of donuts.

The person explained that they posed as a delivery person to personally submit their CV to the recruiter. Attached to the back of the box's lid was an envelope containing the CV with a message that read, "Most resumes end up in the trash, but mine will go straight to your belly."


The photo of the resume box with four donuts inside has gained a lot of attention on Reddit. Within just three days of being posted, the picture has received over 65,000 upvotes from users on the social news website.

Some Reddit users believe that this creative idea could work well if the applicant is seeking a job in marketing or advertising. However, one user pointed out that if the resume is sent in this manner for any other position, the recruiter may perceive the applicant as strange.


Another user agreed, stating that if they received something like this, they wouldn't even eat the donuts sent by someone they considered to be a "suspected weirdo."

One recruiter in the comments expressed their enthusiasm for the creative resume, mentioning "this is gold." They mentioned that if they received a CV like this, they would have made an effort to find a job for the person.


Another Reddit user joked that the applicant would be a good fit for a job at the Central Intelligence Agency, given their creative approach.

In response to the unique delivery, someone wondered about the outcome after the recruiter received the resume. They humorously speculated, "Twist: We can't accept gifts from applicants. It all ends up in the trash."

Another person recounted a similar incident where someone attempted to secure a job by sending their resume along with a pair of shoes. The CV cleverly mentioned their goal of "getting their foot in the door."


However, this unconventional approach ended up causing a bomb scare at the company, prompting them to contact the police.