Suzanne Somers Shares How Much Her Thighmaster Empire Has Made Her

Susan Sommers Shares How Much Her Thighmaster Empire Has Made Her

One of the gifts the '70s gave us was Chrissy Snow, the blonde, lovable bombshell from the sitcom Three's Company. Played by the iconic, never-aging Suzanne Sommers, she left us with a lot to remember.

That role landed her global recognition, and she utilized it well. She made a career as a wellness and fitness advocate and is the epitome of fitness. At 75, she looks nothing like her age.


While she is popularly known for her role as Chrissy in Three's Company, her Thighmaster empire, although not earning her as much fame, makes her a considerable fortune.


She became synonymous with Thighmaster, an exercise tool designed to shape one's thighs, in the early '90s. She is so synonymous with this equipment that her name pops up anytime you search about it.

This innovative workout equipment has earned Suzanne an impressive income. Are you wondering about just how much she has made off it?

It will shock you.

The 75-year-old fitness guru explained on the Hollywood Raw:


"Well, it's $19.95 x 10 million. So you kind of do the math, and we're probably at 15 million now."

The podcast host, Dax Holt, responded:

"I just did it. It's a lot of zeros. Its $299,250,000."

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We were as shocked as you are now.

According to Daily Mail, Suzanne said:

"We had partners, 50/50, and they got drunk on money when all started selling and they overspent to the point where they could no longer afford to be on their side of the business. So we bought them out and we have 100 percent."

Well, way to go, Suzanne!


While that left many mouth-agape, it is a huge win for the '70s star. Don't we just love anyone who can branch out of the familiar territory and still succeed?

Suzanne Somers did that, and for a woman who makes others feel great in their skin and body, we only wish her the best!