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Surrogacy In Mexico: Features And Price

Surrogacy In Mexico: Features And Price

According to the experts of the World Center of Baby, who are aware of the peculiarities of surrogacy in Mexico, every fifth couple of childbearing age who want to have a child cannot do this due to impaired reproductive functions or existing medical contraindications. In this regard, the World Center of Baby states that infertility is an acute social problem in the modern world.

Modern reproductive medical technologies represent a possible intervention in the process of the origin of human life, thereby helping infertile couples to find a long-awaited baby.

Along with in vitro fertilization, sperm and oocyte donation, such technologies include surrogacy, which is the gestation, pregnancy, and birth of a child under an agreement concluded between a surrogate mother by parents (future mom and dad) whose sex cells were used for fertilization, or by a single woman for whom carrying and giving birth to a child is impossible for medical reasons.

Available Form of Surrogacy in Mexico

Surrogacy, in which the surrogate moms, in addition to the cost of food, medical care, etc., receive financial compensation for childbearing, is called commercial surrogacy.

This form is legally permitted and quite common in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, the United States (not in all states), Mexico (only for heterosexual couples with Mexican citizenship), etc. LGBT (including gay men and lesbian women) cannot participate in surrogacy in Mexico.

There also is altruistic surrogacy when the surrogate mother does not receive a monetary reward. Such surrogacy is legal in Australia, Canada, Greece, and other countries, but in Mexico, it is not common.

Variants of Surrogacy in Mexico

The specialists of the agency World Center of Baby indicate that there are five variants of surrogacy in Mexico, depending on whose biological material was used:

The first option – the use of the wife's egg and husband's sperm. In this embodiment, an incomplete genetic link is established;

The second option is using the wife's egg or the single woman's egg and the donor's sperm. A child is genetically related only to a wife or a single woman;

The third option includes using a donor egg and a man's sperm. The child is genetically related only to the husband/wife;

The fourth option – the use of the donor egg and donor sperm. In this case, there is no genetic link between the child and the parents;

The fifth option is the use of the surrogate mother's egg and the man's sperm. The incomplete genetic link is established. The child is genetically native only to the man. In this case, the surrogate mother Mexico is subjected to higher requirements than in the first four options, such as external data, education, and other info.

Pay attention that the surrogacy cost in Mexico is around $ 7500-8000. But by agreement of the two parties, a much perfect price can be set. More information about fees you can get on the website of the best online clinic World Center of Baby. Read there also about how to go through the surrogacy procedure in Mexico.