Surprising Things That Will Happen When You Show People Who You Are

Surprising Things That Will Happen When You Show People Who You Are

We are all too busy trying to be some sort of Instagram filter versions of ourselves. But what if we tried something a bit different? What if we dared to show the others who we really are?

We all have to play some roles due to our jobs and social norms. It's not hard to get lost so that you forget to show your true colors, even to the ones who are close to you. And the longer you wait, the harder it gets.

Showing people who you are sounds scary, but trying to be someone different is a waste of everything you are. So, what will happen when you uncover your true nature? Let's find out!

1. You'll gain self-confidence

It's simple: when you accept your true nature and show it to the world, you'll discover that the only person who's been holding you back is you.

As your self-confidence grows, you'll be more open to express your ideas and opinions because you already did the hardest part. You exposed yourself to the world, and there's nowhere to go but up!

2. You'll accept yourself fully

Self-acceptance is the most crucial part of self-love. It's all connected, so the more you expose yourself, the more accepting you will become of your true self.

To show someone who you are is to accept yourself, with all the great qualities and flaws. Additionally, you will let go of judgment, which will make you a better partner and a friend. It's a process because acceptance means loving yourself despite all the frustrating things.

3. Developing inner strength

Doing things your way seems rebellious, and it takes guts. It shows that you're strong, and the more you reveal your true nature, the more inner strength you'll gain.

You will learn to say no, and be guilt-free when it comes to taking time for yourself. The strength you get will help you cope better with anything life throws at you.

4. Positivity will follow you

You have nothing to lose, and that's empowering. As your confidence and faith in yourself grow, you're going to develop a more positive mindset.

As now you are accepting yourself fully, you will learn how to make yourself truly happy. So, basically, there's no downside to showing your true self. You'll lose some people who weren't your friends, to begin with. But you'll attract more positive, authentic people and have enough space for self-growth.

5. You'll be the one choosing people

The liberating feeling of being true to yourself will draw people to you. It's human nature to admire and try to be part of someone's success. But, now, you are the one picking out partners and friends because it will be easier to recognize those with good intentions.

Your circle of trust will be filled with people who are honest, open, and trusting, who share your ideas and values.

6. You'll know what you want

Well, you did it. You escaped useless social norms, and you are living the life you were born to. It's more than that: you are now free to discover what you need, what you want from others, and life.

Though it seems like many things will change, it will happen gradually. There's no switch or magic, but at some point, it may feel like you stepped out of the twilight zone and joined the real world.

Be your own best friend as you let go of what people thought you were supposed to be. Focus on finding yourself and be free to show your true nature to the world. Not everyone will like you, but you won't care, which is incredible. You do you; the rest isn't your problem anymore!