Surfer Gets Bitten By Shark; Returns The Next Day To Catch It And Eat It

surfer gets bitten by shark; returns the next day to catch it and eat it

Allen Engelman was surfing in Florida's Ocean Reef Park when he crossed paths with a seven-foot spinner shark. He was fortunate to get away with his life because the vicious creature only bit his hand.

The surfer's own effort proved vital in fending off the shark and forcing it to leave him alone. Even then, he had to take a trip to the hospital and get fifteen stitches on his hand.

As far as shark attacks go, Engelman was very lucky, but the bite must have hurt, and the emergency medical treatment couldn't have been very cheap.

That is probably why the man decided to get even and go after the animal that ruined his day at the beach.

The Shark's Unlucky Day

Unfortunately for the shark, Engelman is not just a surfer, he is also a commercial fisherman. That means he knew a thing or two about capturing such sea creatures.

So, the very next day, the surfer was back at the beach. This time, he had not come to surf: his goal was to catch the shark that had dug its teeth into his hand.

Clearly, that was a bit of a long shot, but luck was on the surfer's side and he managed to catch the shark.

To be honest, there isn't a very clear way of telling if the shark he caught was the very same one that inflicted damage to his hand. After all, when the attack happened, he was more preoccupied with saving his hand and his life than studying the fish and its unique appearance.

However, Engelman was happy with the catch and pretty comfortable with the outcome of his revenge plan. His plan was to do the same thing the fish intended when they crossed paths the previous day: make a meal of it.

Later, he gave a TV interview explaining his revenge plan:

Was It The Perfect Plan?

People can't tell if Engelman's actions are fair or messed up. However, in all honesty, a lot of people would be very pissed after getting bitten by a shark while having a good time in the ocean.

Given a chance, most people would want to get some payback, just like this surfer did.

It's possible Engelman caught a random shark and made a meal out of it.

On some level, this goes beyond the biblical "eye for an eye" law since the shark is dead and the man is alive and well with just a couple of stitches on his hand.

It's entirely possible the shark felt threatened by the surfer in some way. After all, he was in its turf.

In the video, Engelman doesn't exactly seem like the humblest man out there. His decision to deal with these natural-born predators in the same way they try to deal with people that cross their path says more about him than the shark.

Sharks have well-known and uncontrollable natural killer instincts, while we humans can restrain ourselves. So, Engelman is the asshole here.

There are plenty of other things he could have done, like wear a shark deterrent wetsuit to avoid the attack.

Let's face it, eating the shark that allegedly bit him does not mean other sharks have "learned the lesson" and that they will now stay out of his way. He can still get attacked in the future.

Therefore, ensuring that he is less likely to experience these vicious encounters is more important than hunting down a shark and killing it for food every time he gets bitten.