Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Shows Her Incredible Figure In A Revealing Top

The stunning model recently visited a Bad Bunny concert and took the opportunity to share some daring photos with her followers on Instagram.

She showed up at the event dressed in a loosely fitted top and brown miniskirt. Her outfit barely covered her chest, and her cleavage and side boobs were clearly visible.

She matched the revealing outfit with a black jacket loosely hung over her shoulders and knee-length black boots.

"Can you tell we had fun seeing Benito last night?" the model captioned her series of photos from the concert.

It was clear she was having a good time posing and dancing around with her friend, who looked terrific in a black bikini top and baggy pants.

Emily has been living it up since she split from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in July this year. The ex-couple secretly got married in a courthouse in New York in 2018.

Sebastian has been accused of being a serial cheater, and Emily has now filed for divorce. It is a relief to see how well she is coping after the breakup.

The model has not openly confirmed that he has been unfaithful to her, however, she liked a tweet celebrating her divorce and another tweet calling Sebastian a "little b–ch." Her actions clearly tell she is not happy with him.

The couple shares a son, 1-year-old Sylvester. He often shows up together with his mother on social media.

Another member of the family that recently got to star in one of her popular posts was her dog, Columbo. If you take a look at her Instagram, you will see a photo that recently shocked fans.

In the photo, Emily is lying naked on a carpet with her booty towards the camera, posing in a similar way as her dog is lying. It is quite the sight!

When you have 29 million followers, you have to dare to be a bit experimental.