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Summer Comes Early With Malibu Rum Releasing Delicious Coconut Drinks

Summer Comes Early With Malibu Rum Releasing Delicious Coconut Drinks

It's not just me who thinks that rum is the perfect combination of tropical flavors.

Thank goodness Malibu Rum agrees with us because they have added a Splash canned drinks range.

The range combines the traditional coconut drink with exotic flavours.

These fruit drinks will drive those winter blues away and convince you that summer is here!

1. Rum, coconut and fruit = absolute bliss

People who love rum will agree that adding fruit to our favorite drink can only get better!

On its own, rum is amazing and adding coconut makes a favorite drink even better.

What fruits have they added?

Adding fruit to this concoction makes a drink that carries us off to tropical islands and sunshine.

Strawberry, passion fruit, line, and pineapple mixed with rum and coconut make regular rum taste like something that came from heaven!

2. Perfect can size for the fridge

What size are the cans?

Four packs come in 12oz cans that fit into the fridge without taking up that much room.

These cans fit perfectly in the fridge so there will always be a cold one ready for you. What a great way to stock up on your favorite tipple!

What size fridge do they fit in?

Even small fridges can easily accommodate this can size so there is no reason not to have a few at hand for when the mood strikes.

Not only are these drinks delicious but they take up less room. Double thumbs up!

3. Choose your flavours

Packs come in single flavors or a mix that has two of each flavor, while each pack has eight cans.

Perfect for a quick get-together with a friend on a warm afternoon and great for trying all the exotic flavors. How convenient is this!

4. Beat the weather

While it may still be cold and dreary outside Malibu Rum want to remind us that summer is on the way.

For those of us who cannot wait for summer, these 5% ABV fruit cocktails are perfect whenever you need a taste of the tropics.

Leave a few packs in the fridge for your next party or keep them for when the urge takes you to set sail to tropical islands.

With this great selection of fruity rum drinks available in delicious flavors and mixed packs, there is no reason not to beat the winter blues and enjoy an early summer!