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Subway Worker Falls Asleep While Making Customer's Sandwich: 'I Can't Imagine How Underslept She Is'

subway worker falls asleep while making customer’s sandwich: ‘i can’t imagine how underslept she is’

A Subway worker falls asleep and slumps her head face-first into the sandwich she's making.

The Subway worker was filmed dozing off before landing face-first into a sandwich she was preparing for a customer.

A customer filmed the incident at a Subway store in Chicago and then shared the video on TikTok.

In the caption, the TikToker wrote:

"Like [for real]... I just wanted a Sandwich, bro."

And the caption on top of the video reads:

"This lady fell asleep on my sandwich."

Subway Worker Falls Asleep While Making Customer's Sandwich: 'i Can't Imagine How Underslept She Is'

The video has gone viral, racking up more than 13 million views and over 1 million likes on TikTok only.

In the clip, the female fast-food worker prepares a footlong sandwich for a customer as soothing music plays in the background.

As she sprinkles a topping from a container onto the sandwich, her hand stops halfway down the bread roll.

Subway Worker Falls Asleep While Making Customer's Sandwich: 'i Can't Imagine How Underslept She Is'

She then slowly begins to slump forward while still standing up, and her face gets closer and closer to the counter.

Her Subway hat touches the sandwich first, and then her face, which is covered in a face mask.

The worker appears to have dozed off on the food, completely oblivious to the customer waiting on the other side of the counter.


Like fr... I js wanted a Sandwich bro 🤦🏾‍♂️😒

♬ original sound - Ashleybby💖🌼

After watching the clip, many users described it as 'heartbreaking,' expressing concerns about how hard employers are on customer service workers.

One person said:

"This is actually really sad. I can't imagine how underslept she is. Not to mention the wage people get paid at Subway… She deserves better."

Another added:

"Poor thing… Can't imagine how underslept she is. We're too hard on service workers."

A third said:

"This is so sad. She needs a day off. [You] can tell she's overworked."

According to Business Insider, the average hourly wage of a Subway worker was between $8 and $9 last year.

And despite being 'essential workers, ' fast-food employees are still going underpaid, according to the Californian Paper.

Influencers who came across the TikTok video of the Subway employee dosing off also shared their thoughts.

YouTuber Garrett Watts commented:

"Man, this is more heartbreaking than anything. I hope she's ok."

However, other netizens saw the funny side of the clip.

One user joked:

"You said you wanted everything on it?"

While another said:

"I would have jumped over the counter and made it myself."

Meanwhile, some users speculated that the Subway worker was under the influence of drugs while on the job. Some even slammed the TikToker for filming her at her 'lowest.'

One TikToker said:

"That is not 'no sleep' or 'underslept'... That's nodding [sic] out... Strong drugs, unfortunately. If you know, you know... I wish her healing."

Another said:

"Looks like a drug-induced nod. I sure hope it's not."

But the user who posted the video later responded, writing:

"Can y'all [please] stop with the negative comments! The lady woke up after the video ended. She is fine. She [just] needs to not do drugs before work."