Subtle Facial Quirks That Men Find Irresistible

Subtle Facial Quirks That Men Find Irresistible

When it comes to flirting, it's not just what you say; it's what you do, too. Body language is one of the most useful tools you have to land yourself the guy of your dreams. So, what kind of body language should you use?

Well, you don't have to be the most graceful or coordinated; you don't have to learn all the right dance moves. In fact, forget how you fold your arms, or where you point your feet - concentrate on your face.

There are plenty of subtle facial quirks that men find irresistible, and most of them you do every day without even realizing it! Know how to take control of these quirks, and you'll have him eating out of the palm of your hand.


subtle facial quirks that men find irresistible

A smile brightens up the room, and if you're blessed with a beautiful smile, show it off. There's nothing a guy loves more than that demonstration of confidence.

Even if it's a shy grin, it's a friendly acknowledgment that he exists. Not to mention that smiling draws attention to your mouth -- which, when the heat is on, is irresistible to guys.

In the age of masks, a smile may seem silly, but it definitely matters. Anyone who knows Tyra Banks also knows about the concept of "smize." Smile with your eyes. Smiling genuinely behind that mask will shine through.

Tuck Your Hair Behind Your Ear

Tucking your hair behind your ear reveals your beautiful face. When your hair is down, try doing it while he's glancing over at you. Maybe he'll take it as a cue to do it for you next time.


Now, a forced giggle is fake and definitely too obvious. The trick with the giggle is to just keep it at that - a giggle, a small sampling of laughter. To guys, a giggle shows that they amuse you, but you're holding back a big burst of laughter.

This builds them up, making them want to keep the interest of your sense of humor. Plus, giggling is super cute and, when done correctly, very alluring. Pair it with a smile and a bite of the lip -- deal sealed.

Let Out That Laugh

subtle facial quirks that men find irresistible

On the same note, as much as a giggle is a great way to bring someone closer, letting your true self out with a big laugh is also just as attractive.

Again, don't fake laugh, but when the moment is right, don't resist the urge. A laugh brightens up your face and injects a great dose of positivity into the room. Even if you think that your laugh is weird, someone else might find it really endearing, contagious, and attractive.

Bite Your Lower Lip

Sometimes you don't even notice that you're biting your lower lip, but other people sure do. When timed correctly, biting your lower lip can send just the right kind of flirtatious signal to a man.

Even if you're just concentrating really hard on something, thinking, or considering what to say next can prove to be an unintentional turn-on.

Make Eye Contact

Did you know that when you see someone you're attracted to your pupils dilate? It means you're excited. Though this isn't necessarily a facial quirk, making eye contact can give that extra flash to your eyes that make you irresistible to men.

There's also something exciting about the adrenaline rush of looking at someone right in their eyes. It shows confidence, and, if the mood is right, can lead to an almost hypnotic attraction. Just don't stare - that's a little intimidating and kind of creepy.

Lick Your Lips

subtle facial quirks that men find irresistible

Another mouth-based quirk, licking your lips is a subtle way to tell someone that you're ready to lock lips.

If you're in the moment, try it out. Just watch how much you actually do this because instead of finding yourself irresistible, he could ask you if you need chapstick.

Make Your Face Approachable

If you want to be irresistible, you also have to be approachable. Unfortunately, some of us suffer from RBF (I'll leave that up to you to Google if you don't know what it means), but it doesn't mean we can't change! Don't be so aware of your resting face that you get self-conscious, but rather stay alert.

Oftentimes, we see RBF on those who are staring off into space or concentrating on a thought. You can avoid falling into this look by staying alert to your surroundings. Listen to what he's saying, stay engaged in conversation, look around the room - and don't forget to smile every now and then. A smile can undo a lot of RBF.


If you can master the art of the wink, it is a great non-verbal, and flirtatious way to acknowledge someone. But don't just wink; you aren't making them privy to a secret code or task.

Give him a grin, maybe a wave. This is definitely one of those facial cues that work best when paired with something else.

Avert Your Eyes - and Then Look Up

subtle facial quirks that men find irresistible

Eye contact is electric, but shy eyes say a lot. When you avert your eyes from his gaze, you might as well say that you're shy, and you like him. But when you raise your eyes back up at him and give a little smile, it reassures him that you want him to keep looking at you. And most likely, he will.


This is for those who are lucky enough to have been blessed with dimples. Dimples will catch his eye and highlight your smile, your rosy cheeks, and your twinkling eyes. Some cultures even believe that dimples are good luck. Perhaps they are!

All in all

The key to using facial body language to your advantage is not to overdo it. If you're going to use them consciously, you have to use them subtly. Otherwise, it'll come off as looking like your face is itchy, or the emotion behind it is disingenuous.

The stereotype of practicing your face moves in the mirror is real for a reason. Don't shy away from trying out this technique to see how you look. If you cringe, then maybe skip the theatrics and let your face do the talking when it's ready.