Stunning Flower Tattoos With Black Backgrounds Are Absolutely Breath-Taking

Stunning Flower Tattoos With Black Backgrounds Are Absolutely Breath-taking

Sometimes, what starts out as one thing ends up as a completely different thing, take the inky eye-catching black background flower tattoos you might have seen around, for instance.

They have turned the hands and legs of many into marvelous works of art. They are so realistic.

By The Way, Have You Had A Look At These Flower Tattoos With Black Backgrounds?

Take my word for it, they are unlike anything you have ever seen.

And if you are keen on getting one from the artist who set in motion this revolutionary tattoo trend, you better act fast. The number of people lining up for a chance to get adorned with these works of art is growing fast.

These incredibly cool tattoos are all the rage, and once you see one, you will not wonder why they are all over the web.

Esther Garcia, From Chicago, Started This Movement

And now, many people are mesmerized by the intricate and beautiful designs she is making.

She does everything from garden roses, birds, butterflies, and sweet peas. Her work is meticulous.

And, as they say, good things take time.

People are attending regular sessions to have the artist make beautiful intricate tattoos on their skins. She tirelessly inks in every tiny detail to create fabulous mind-blowing results.

What's more incredible is that she nurtured these skills on her own, but she also has 20 years of experience working in her favor.

But How Did This Trend Begin?

Black backgrounds were initially used to cover up bad tattoos. But she took the idea further and turned it into an art form. She wanted the work to look original rather than a way to cover up unwanted tattoos.

What she achieved was something more magnificent, and it was bigger than the initial motivation behind it. Thanks to the brilliant results the tattoo artist has achieved, people who have no bad tattoos to cover up are also getting them done.

When she started, Garcia found the work to be a nice way to bring some order to the chaos that an unwanted tattoo brought. She built upon that idea until she created these magnificent works of art.

Her Inspiration?

You don't become such a notable artist without a strong inspiration lighting the way.

Garcia claims that Dutch master paintings are her greatest influences, especially the lush florals featuring deep and rich background colors from some centuries ago.

The black background really makes the tattoos pop, and they look nothing like cover ups.

But Garcia is not stopping here. She is also working with Kyle Letendre on textile designs. While at it, she is also traveling to teach young artists about the craft.

On Instagram, her work is getting lots of great reviews, and her website lists some work she is currently doing.

Garcia's work is unmistakable, not only for its brilliance, but also for its beauty.

She whips up magical and shiny red and pink designs, vivid and beautiful, against the sharp and fantastic contrasting matte black background.

So, if you have always held off having a tattoo because you wanted something unique and breathtaking, here's your chance.

Whether you have a tattoo to cover up or not, this is a tattoo trend that's sure to turn heads and get you lots of compliments.