Study Shows Women Start Turning Into Their Moms At 33, So Prepare Yourself!


Behaving like your mom is something many young women swear they'll never do. according to recent research by Dr. Juliana De Silva, a Harley Street surgeon, mimicking your mother is something you can't avoid.

This study, by a doctor in the UK, has revealed that daughters will start emulating their mother's attitudes and tastes as soon as they have their first child.

Just like most women, if there's something I'm undeniably afraid of is behaving like my mother. You probably understand this if your mom is annoying like mine.


Most of the time, while I'm doing my usual routines, I find myself doing something just like how my mom would do. Or even mimic her attitudes and reactions towards something.

When I notice acting this way, I'll just relax and accept that perhaps we'll eventually turn into our mothers. I'm not surprised when recent research has proved that daughters tend to mimic their mothers once they attain the age of 33.


The research found that at this age, you'll stop the rebellious opinions against your mom. And you'll start picking up all her annoying attitudes slowly. Those attitudes we swore we would never do to our kids.

Being 33 makes sense because the average women's age of giving birth in the United Kingdom is about 30.05, and that of new fathers is 33.5 years.

Also, 33 is the age before the time where young men start behaving like their fathers. But for us women, we're always ahead when it comes to matters of maturing.

This study found that motherhood is among the driving force behind why daughters start acting like their mom.


I guess our mothers were right when they used to repeat now and then, "when you'll become a mother, you'll understand what I mean." Or is it only my mother who used to say this? I bet even your mom did or even still does.

During the research, more than half of the 2,000 participants, all women, admitted they started acting as their moms in their early 30s. They even grew close to their mothers, opposite of what they used to say when they were teenagers.


The experts in this study say that some of the signs of acting like your mother are general. For instance, having similar hobbies with your mother and watching the same TV shows. Sometimes you can notice that you're often using those expressions your mom loved to say.

Other participants in this new research claimed that the appearance of middle age signs such as weight gain and balding made them act more like their mothers. Maybe it's a twisted self-fulfilling notion where some believe you'll become like your mother when you saw her looking at you through the mirror.

Dr. De Silva also explained that we'll all adopt our parents' attitudes someday. He adds that behaving like your mother or father is something you should be proud of.

The study also found that the more we get old, the more we'll start feeling like we look like our parents. And as we advance in years, we'll see these similarities clearer.

So, don't get surprised when you find yourself shouting to your kids, just like how your mom did to you.