Study Shows Stubborn Kids Are More Likely To Succeed In Future

Study Shows Stubborn Kids Are More Likely To Succeed In Future

If you have a stubborn child, odds are that you are often worried about how their future will turn out to be. Many parents worry their stubborn children will turn out to be lawbreakers or highly irresponsible adults.

But if the findings of an interesting new study are anything to go by, maybe it's the obedient kid you should be worried about.

This study has shown that hard-hearted kids tend to be more successful in the future. So, even though it might seem difficult and frustrating to deal with a stubborn child, their adult lives might actually be much more promising in comparison to those of their laid-back siblings.

Generally, stubborn kids show signs such as defiance, lack of attention, impatience, rule-breaking, and even a sense of inferiority. However, as these kids grew up, they became more responsible.

The study arrived at the conclusion that parents should actually spend less time fighting this trait and instead embrace it. Easy-going and passive children tend to have less career focus, and they generally end up earning less as a result.

The interesting study followed the lives of 700 children since they were 12 until they were 52 years of age. Those who were stubborn kids turned out to be more successful adults. Rule breakers, including those who often collided with their parents, also happened to achieve more in their careers.

So, if your stubborn kid often demands more, then chances are that he/she will end up getting more later in life because that is what he/she will expect. These kids are also more persevering and will often face many challenges more laid-back kids will back away from.

Stubbornness in children is also a predictor of resilience and adaptability in adults.

But that does not mean you should encourage stubbornness in your children or even get excited about the trait. It does not always result in the creation of a more successful adult.

Even with this trait, it is very important to encourage the child to follow the right path by instilling the right virtues in them. The goal is to ensure that this seemingly negative energy is turned into something positive.

Your effort might not seem to bear much fruit at this young age, but later in life, your lessons are more than likely to have a profound and positive impact on their lives and behavior.

The last thing you want is an ill-mannered kid who does not know the difference between right and wrong and ends up in trouble with the law or other people as an adult for lack of knowledge on how to relate with other people or live harmoniously with the rest of the society.

The idea is not to give up on your stubborn kid and let him be. The goal is to turn this trait into something positive that will make him a success later in life.

But anyway, what do you think of this study? Is your child stubborn? Let us know what you think, and be sure to share this article with families or friends who might be in a similar position.