Study Shows Men Have Better Sex With Women Who Are Emotionally Unstable

Study Shows Men Have Better Sex With Women Who Are Emotionally Unstable

From ancient times, sex has always been considered a sacred thing and an additional spice in every relationship. It is something that both parties should agree on and be in the right state of mind for them to benefit mutually. This means everybody should be in the mood and in the right state of mind.

However, a study published in the Journal of Sex Research proves the exact opposite. According to the study, men tend to enjoy sex more with mentally unstable women. This only shows that whenever you go through a difficult mental situation like stress, depression, or psychological trauma, you make an incredible bedtime performer for your man. To them, your mental state is not viewed as a bad thing, but they only see the potential of reaping sexual benefits.

You must be asking yourself how this is possible. Well, mentally stable women tend to be somehow reserved and will shy away from some weird sexual fantasies. Everybody wants to be viewed as decent right? However, the moment your mental state becomes corrupted, the shyness goes away, and you will find yourself doing things that you'll not do in the right state of mind. Men get easily aroused with visual stimuli and erotic fantasies. Mentally unstable women can easily fulfill this. Sex then becomes enjoyable the moment a man sees these erotic sights.

These findings were taken from a survey of an interview from volunteers who were willing to discuss their sexual lives, personalities, and sexual functions. All participates had an average age of 51 years and have been in a committed relationship for more than 24 years on average. So, they had enough experience in sex matters.

It is unfortunate that men think that mentally unstable women are easier to manipulate hence they preferred them for sex. Everybody expects to find comfort and love from a partner when going through tough situations. Depression, stress, trauma, and anxiety can turn a person's life upside down, all you need in this situation is a shoulder to lean on. Most women find themselves very vulnerable in this situation and instead of getting support, their partners take advantage of the situation to manipulate them sexually.

Shouldn't your partner be by your side to comfort you and help you return to your right state of mind before thinking of getting you in bed? Well, that's how we all think things should be. We think that we should have sex when stable mentally and in the mood for sex. However, the study suggests otherwise. Men would rather get used to the opportunity at hand to satisfy their desire for good sex at the expense of a woman's unstable mental state.

We all should aim at having a good sex life with a healthy and willing partner. This doesn't mean that mentally unstable people cannot enjoy sex. Some health issues may take a long time, and we might not be able to wait for the recovery. However, preferring to have sex specifically because you will enjoy more with a person in that state is a total mess.