Study Shows Making Fun Of Your Spouse Makes Your Relationship Stronger

We’re continuously looking for better ways on how to improve closeness in our relationships and make the bond stronger. Intimacy isn’t the only factor that enhances physical and mental attraction. Therefore, many people are aiming at maximizing their chances of finding and keeping that strong bond between themselves and their partners.

Making a relationship successful isn’t hard if you know how, and the trick is to make your partner laugh.

Many people agree that having a laugh with your partner is more important than their looks or possessions. Being able to laugh with your partner confirms that you can enjoy their company no matter the situation.

Laughing can help in relieving stress and depression as well as making your relationship stronger. Therefore, if you know how to make him or her laugh, it’s a positive sign that your love will grow stronger and deeper.

However, just like in most social relations, making fun of your partner has a boundary. It’s one thing to laugh at his or her new shirt in a teasing manner and another thing if you’re just having a laugh at their expense.

Jeffry Hall, a researcher at the University of Kansas, performed 39 studies involving 15,000 people. He discovered that humor is a vital part of building a successful relationship. So if you want to create a strong bond with them, make your partner laugh more.

Like most people, we want a mate with a sense of humor. But this is a very broad concept. Most don’t realize making a joke can be directly related to satisfaction in the relationship.

The jokes and humor you create together with your partner can lead to a strong relationship. For instance, you might share a quirky sense of humor with your lover, but romantic comedies and sitcoms fail to improve your love life. But it doesn’t mean that the sense of humor or its style is better or worse.

What’s important is both of you finding quirky humor hysterical. Sharing the same sense of humor helps affirm your and your partner’s compatibility.

Playfulness between love partners is also essential in establishing relationship security and create a close bond. Being able to laugh at the same things, or make the other person laugh, is an indication of a physical attraction between potential mates.

If your relationship can withstand tough times with humor, you’re likely to feel more secure in it. It’ll also show that there’s nothing difficult you can’t face with your partner, especially when you can both find the bright side.

But you should always remember that there’s a boundary between being abusive and poking fun. You should laugh with one another, not at one another.

Relentless teasing and making fun of the other person can verge on abuse. Especially if it’s only you who finds the joke funny while your partner gets offended and upset. If humor disguises happiness or frustrations, it’s not lighthearted.

Additionally, Hall explained that having an aggressive sense of humor is a sign of a failing relationship. And when such jokes are shared in relationships, they loosen the love bond between partners.

Similar research in Appalachian State University argues that a couple that finds themselves comfortable making fun of one another is a strong indication of a healthy relationship. The necessary factor is that both spouses find the joke funny.