Study Claims A Girls Trip Will Improve Your Health

Study Claims A Girls Trip Will Improve Your Health

According to a study, spending time with your female friends could be really good for your health. So, every once in a while, you should step away from the drama in your life, the stresses of relationships, and the hustles of a demanding job to have a great time with your friends. Taking a girl's trip is an especially great way of doing this. Here is why this experience can be so great for your health.

1. Not Having Close Friends Is Really Bad For Your Health

A Harvard study found out that lack of close relationships was comparable to smoking three-quarters of a pack of cigarettes every day. This shocking finding goes to prove how important spending time with your friends can be. So, by all means, have friends in your circle, and spend quality time with them as well.

2. The Effort To Spend Time Together Is Worth It

Now that people are so caught up in their busy lives, making time in your schedule to go on a trip with your girlfriends may not seem like a priority. However, the effort is worth it, which is why you should try to spend time with your female friends. You do not have to plan the trip right away. You can take a week to plan something so that you can enjoy a mini-vacation with your girlfriends.

You can even start small with dinner or even a visit to a club. From there, planning more elaborate joint activities will be much easier. And once you make this a routine, there can always be something fun and positive to look forward to every once in a while. This way, work, and other responsibilities will not be all you can think about from the beginning to the end of the week.

3. It's A Way Of Caring For Yourself

There are several things you can do to take better care of yourself, and you should do at least a few of these on a regular basis. For instance, you can start working out in the gym and pampering yourself every once in a while. However, you should also make spending time with your girls part of this routine. Spending this quality time with friends should keep you happy, and anything you do to brighten up your life is an important self-care activity.

4. Your Girlfriends Will Keep You Sane

Studies have found that spending time with friends leads to greater oxytocin production. Although this hormone helps create stronger bonds between you and your friends, it is also great at helping you deal with trauma and pain as well as other stresses of life.

5. Your Girls Get You

However loving of a relationship you have, there are things only your female friends can understand about you. Female friends have perspectives that male friends don't, and you might feel free to express yourself in other ways than you do in front of your boyfriend or husband. Without any risk of judgment, you can be whoever you want to be around your friends, and there is no better feeling.