Studies Claim — Sleeping With Your Dog Is Better Than Sleeping With A Guy

Studies Claim — Sleeping With Your Dog Is Better Than Sleeping With A Guy

In today's world, almost every family owns a dog or two. Whether small or big, dogs are the best pets. Some have them for security purposes while others have them included as family members. The benefits that come with owning a dog as a pet are endless. As health coaches always insist, they can also be good companions when it comes to keeping fit.

Some people have confessed to loving their dogs to the point of sharing the same bed. These confessions have raised a debate with some individuals arguing that the four-legged animal shouldn't share a bed with its owner. Well, science suggests otherwise. It has revealed that sharing a bed with a pet is better than sleeping with a guy. Here are the reasons why you should allow your pup in your bed.

1. Cures insomnia

Many people struggle with insomnia. Harsh living conditions, a busy lifestyle, and stress are the leading causes of insomnia. According to health experts, lack of sleep is risky. It can result in more severe problems such as obesity and diabetes. It's advisable to get at least seven hours of sleep on a daily basis. Luckily, science has revealed that sleeping with a dog can help beat insomnia as compared to having a guy next to you. The sound of a dog's breath is good for mental health. It has a calming effect and hence enables one's mind to relax long enough to fall asleep.

2. Helps one feel safe

Spending a night alone can be a bit scary, especially for the ladies. Some women who are used to having their boyfriends or family around have confessed to being unable to sleep when alone. The worst happens when you live in an area known for burglaries. Having a dog sleep in your bed can help fight the fear. Dogs are suitable when it comes to keeping security. They are usually active even when sleeping. They will always bark to alert you when they hear something suspicious. The alertness provides the owner with a feeling of safety which is essential for a good night's sleep.

3. Source of warmth

Sometimes your house gets cold and you are left shivering in bed. At this moment, neither the heat, hot water bottle nor the electric blanket seems to work. Have you ever noticed that your dog, no matter the age, doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold? Yes, dogs are adapted to living in the wild hence don't require a blanket. They have thick fur, and layers of skin meant to preserve the heat or reflect it out. Allowing a dog in your bed during those cold nights is helpful. They can help keep you warm all night as compared to having your guy next to you. Their body is good at maintaining a constant temperature, and they can warm up your bed quickly.

4. Relieves stress

As stated earlier, dogs are excellent companions. The innocent creatures don't only help during workouts, but also helps one reduce stress. Dogs are playful. Playing with them before taking a rest can help one relax the body. Besides, research has proven that petting the dog while falling asleep has a calming effect on humans. Not long ago, a study showed that people who shared a bed with their dogs recorded low cases of anxiety. The study was done in comparison to those who shared their beds with their partners or slept alone.

5. Feeling of comfort

According to research, sleeping with a dog feels more comfortable as compared to a person. As stated earlier, dogs are excellent companions. They are sleep buddies. A study showed that more than half of pet owners sleep with their dogs because it makes them feel comfortable. The dog makes them feel better after a long day at work or running errands. Also, the dog's gentle snores can be more comforting as compared to a person's.

Now and then, people argue if dogs should be allowed in the bed or not. According to science, sleeping in the same bed as your dog is helpful. However, be careful, some dogs can bring dirt, bacteria, and allergies to your bed. Therefore, you should ensure your dog is kept clean if allowed on the bed.