Students Accused Of Handing Out Cookies Made Of Human Ash To Classmates

Multiple students are accused of baking cremated remains into cookies and handing them out to their fellow classmates to eat at DaVinci Highschool, in Davis California, a city just west of Sacramento.

According to the police in Davis, they have begun an investigation as to whether the homemade sugar cookies that were handed out to classmates consisted of human ashes in them.

While no students reported being ill from ingesting the cookies, at least nine students have come forward saying they ate them.

Police are working hard to confirm whether or not two students baked their relatives’ remains into their cookies.

According to police, the ashes may have been the remains of a grandparent to one of the suspected students.

The Davis School district spokesperson issued the following statement:

“This case has been particularly challenging, and we have responded appropriately and in the most respectful and dignified way possible.”

The Davis police have never investigated a case where human ashes had been baked into any substance, and they will be digging much further into this case.

There is no hard evidence that there are remains in the cookies, Testing will bring forth answers as to whether or not there they actually contain human ashes.

Testing of the cookies has yet to be done.