Student Tears Up As The Principal Gives Her Cellphone To The Cop, Then He Notices That Something's Off

Student Tears Up As The Principal Gives Her Cellphone To The Cop, Then He Notices That Something's Off

As a police officer working for a school, you must deal with all kinds of situations daily. The people you protect are, after all, students going through a sensitive and sometimes confusing stage of their lives.

When Officer Mitch, who works for Heritage High School, was told that one of the students had posted a bad video on social media, he expected the worst.

However, when he received the phone from the principal and saw the video, it was not what he had expected. The students had gone to great lengths to make a video, especially for him, and it was anything but bad.

The content of the video was so touching that Officer Mitch broke down in tears. The students wished to show appreciation towards him and wanted him to know that what he did to help them in his everyday work was important.

The message indeed came across. And the video was only the first part of the appreciation program the students had put together with the help of a dude. be nice.

When Officer Mitch stepped outside, he was received by a crowd of students giving him thank you notes scribbled on softballs. A group surprised him by performing his favorite song.

The video from dude. be nice's Youtube channel shows how the event came together and what the students had to say about their favorite officer.

"At first, people are a little nervous when they see Officer Mitch. But once you had that first conversation with him, you realize that he is just a really cool dude who wants what is best for the community", one of the students shared.

The video posted in the same year as the event took place in 2016 quickly went viral and has now reached almost 20M views.

It is always lovely to see people come together to do something nice for someone that truly deserves it. Especially police officers working for schools rarely get this kind of recognition and sometimes lack the respect they deserve.

And with the negativity surrounding the police force over the last years, it is important to remember that most police officers only want what is best for their community and work hard to improve their neighborhoods.