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Student Is Paying Off Loan With Help Of Five Sugar Daddies

student is paying off loan with help of five sugar daddies

Most people realize that being a student is an expensive affair as soon as they go through the doors of higher learning institutions. Once you leave the security of your parent's home where you had all the support you needed, you enter a world where you have to deal with rent, bills, and booze on your own.

The first thing people do is find a gig on the side to help supplement their income. Some people work at bars or do other menial jobs to help make campus life worthwhile.

However, one student thought these menial tasks were well beneath her and instead decided to get a sugar daddy. The University of Lincoln student's decision truly paid off as she was able to make enough money to support her living and even pay off some of her student loans.

Gracie Adams doesn't have one sugar daddy: she has five, an elaborate operation that is clearly paying off. She is from Belfast, Ireland, and she signed up with a website, Seeking Arrangements, at only 18 years old.

At the site, she met a number of sugar daddies. Currently, she sees three of them on a regular basis.

student is paying off loan with help of five sugar daddies

However, all five of them are helping her pay off her loan.

Gracie is a psychology student, and at 19, all her relationships with these elderly men are platonic. The best part is that these relationships are quite lucrative as she can make over £300 ($385.97) on a single date.

On top of that, the sugar daddies pay for her clothes, meals and even leave a tip that can sometimes be in excess of £150 ($192.99).

Other Girls Inspired Her To Become A Sugar Baby

She admits that when she first signed up with Seeking Arrangements, she did not think she would seriously commit to being a sugar baby.

However, when she joined university, she discovered that many women at the institution had signed up. After that discovery, she was completely sold on the idea and gave it her all.

student is paying off loan with help of five sugar daddies

She soon discovered that these ladies could afford cars, pay rent, and handle the financial demands of being a student with the help of sugar daddies.

Apparently, the website helped her grow more confident about meeting and having conversations with men online. She also learned what to look out for to avoid men who lie about themselves or what they do.

She said that such deceptions are always her biggest concern.

Family And Boyfriend Know About It

Surprisingly, her family has not ostracized her for her controversial lifestyle. In fact, her boyfriend also supports her decision.

However, she admits that she was initially shy and apprehensive, but support from these important people in her life gave her the motivation to go on with her plan:

"I asked my boyfriend for his opinion and if he would be okay if I started being more serious about it. He wanted to know what I'd be doing with the sugar daddies, in terms of dates, and messaging, etc. I told him that I would only be interested in starting platonic relationships and mentorships."

student is paying off loan with help of five sugar daddies

"He understood that I was struggling with money and is very supportive of me and the relationships I build on Seeking Arrangements."

"My family and I are very open and loving, so I was able to tell them about how I stay on top of things financially, while at university without having to worry about any judgments from my family."

In fact, when she first told her family about it, they thought it was all a joke before encouraging her to carry on. However, she admits that they sometimes worry about her safety online.

Clearly, Gracie has found a truly ingenious way to make college life fun without having to do the menial jobs some people resort to just to get by.