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Student Doctor Who's Also A Playboy Bunny Changed Her Name So People Can't Find Her Nudes

Student Doctor Who’s Also A Playboy Bunny Changed Her Name So People Can’t Find Her Nudes

No one said you cannot study medicine while being a Playboy Bunny. Probably you do not want the two mixed up, though.

Keeping Google away from her business

Student doctor Danielle Lupo did not want her colleagues to find out about her job at Playboy. Wisely, she decided to change her name and keep things separate.

If your co-workers found your nudes on Google, it would be embarrassing, to say the least. That is why the woman, originally from New Jersey, decided to change her identity.

The story behind her weird career choice

Danielle did not dream to be a doctor since she was a child. It took a serious accident and a trip to the hospital to convince her. She told The Sun:

"I got in a bad accident and I had to go to the hospital and that's when I got exposed to all the kinds of things you can do in medical. After just graduating last year I'm looking at medical schools and doctoral programs all while working as a cardiographic technician."

With expensive university fees to pay, having a side job cannot hurt. It is even better when it pays good money and is lots of fun. Danielle revealed:

"It's great money on the side and I had a lot of fun doing a bunch of different shoots and I got into multiple international Playboy issues. I had the best time and it was just an honor to be published and then the Playboy club New York just opened and I tried out and got the position as a Playboy bunny. That was really cool, I was dressing up at night and going to school and working at the hospital (during the day)."

Two very different jobs for a balanced life

While working at the hospital, people's lives depend on you. It is, of course, not the best place to let your wildest side loose.

A Playboy club, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to express your true self. Finding this balance has been important for Danielle, as she explained:

"I looked at it as two part-time jobs that would fill my schedule, I guess you could say they contradicted each other. The medical field is super conservative and Playboy is obviously free and liberating."

Busy and happy with her life choices

Naturally, studying to become a doctor takes a good chunk of her time. The 24-year old, however, is serious about both careers. She commented:

"While the club was open, it would consist of me making sure I had my homework in on time, before commuting an hour from Jersey to New York. It was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything, I'm glad that I could find balance in both aspects of my life because I wouldn't want to give up either one honestly."

For a job involving nude modeling, Danielle decided to use a different name. Understandably, she does not want future colleagues and patients to find the shots. She said:

"For my full nude pictorial in the Czech Republic, I used a different name because I'm going to be a doctor one day and I don't want people googling me and seeing that".

Although there is no reason why posing naked would make you into a bad doctor, that is a fair point. Keeping in mind the possible consequences of one's actions is always sound advice.