Stuck In A Routine? There's A Whole Jason Momoa Coloring Book Waiting For You

Stuck In A Routine? There’s A Whole Jason Momoa Coloring Book Waiting For You

If you've run out of to-do ideas during the lockdown, don't despair yet! There's a Jason Momoa coloring book waiting for you on Amazon.

Best known for his role as the Dothraki people's warlord in the Game of Thrones series, Jason Momoa can become your quarantine pal for less than $10.

Did you know that coloring can have a similar effect on the body as meditation? While for many, this activity seems childish, there's actual proof that it can reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and lower stress levels.

What are you waiting for? There's no reason to leave Jason Momoa hanging.

35 Pages Of Adventures

The coloring book illustrates the star while making romantic gestures, such as offering flowers and cooking. But the actor is also represented in dangerous quests, showing off his strong physique when climbing cliffs or wrestling wild beasts.

While browsing the illustrations, you will surprise him in the library, reading his favorite books, or on vacation, enjoying the sunny beaches of a tropical paradise.

So why not join him in his escapades?

Coloring Pages Into Wall Art

If you decide to take Jason Momoa to be your partner in these self-isolating times, you should know that the coloring pages are easily removable from the book.

The best part is that you will not miss another drawing if you decide to hang a page on your wall. All the pages are one-sided so that you can decorate your room with your art.

Who needs posters when you can DIY?

The Fun Doesn't Stop Here

You can go wild and try your talent with crayons, gel pens, acrylics, watercolor, and whatnot. The point is that the high-quality paper allows you to let your creative juices flowing, and chose whatever painting or coloring medium you feel the most comfortable with.

It's settled then! Now you have a new hobby—painting Aquaman's pecs.

There's More

Maurizio Campidelli, the artist who created this masterpiece, designed more coloring books than you would expect. There's one with Keanu Reeves and another one with The Rock.

After finishing your fun times with Khal Drogo, you can begin your journey with the star from the Matrix. Or is Dwayne Johnson more to your liking?

Regardless of which one you decide to purchase, don't forget to check the reviews. Some are hilarious. For instance, one of the customers says:

"Girlfriend loves it… I barely see her anymore... Thanks!"

Ready to begin an adventure with your own copy of the Jason Momoa coloring book?