Struggling Nurse Tries To Be 'Sneaky,' But Mom Snaps Photos Letting Everyone Know She Saw Her

Heartbroken mom was stunned by how her little daughter was cared for as she fought for her short life. A struggling nurse tried to go unnoticed, but the mother snapped photos when the nurse wasn't looking and shared the staff's image to let everyone know she saw her.

Shelby and Jonathan Skiles thought their 2-year-old daughter, Sophie, was suffering from allergies when the toddler started feeling unwell.

However, their world was turned upside down when Sophie stopped breathing one night.

After taking the toddler to the hospital, they received the heartbreaking news no parent would want to hear.

The little girl was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma cancer, and doctors discovered a softball-sized mass in her chest.

struggling nurse tries to be 'sneaky,' but mom snaps photos letting everyone know she saw her

Sadly, aggressive Chemo failed to stop cancer from spreading, and instead, the treatment impacted her mortal functions. She couldn't walk, use hands, talk, or even eat.

As little Sophie fought for her life, her parents spent countless hours by her side in the hospital.

struggling nurse tries to be 'sneaky,' but mom snaps photos letting everyone know she saw her

The mom keeps constant watch by her daughter's side, and her only concern was Sophie's treatment, who needed stem cell treatment.

In this difficult situation, the mother noticed a special nurse trying so hard to go unnoticed. But Shelby was watching.

struggling nurse tries to be 'sneaky,' but mom snaps photos letting everyone know she saw her

After snapping a photo while the nurse wasn't looking, the mom shared the picture on a Facebook page the parents had created to document Sophie's fight against the disease.

Shelby wrote, revealing everything she witnessed during her daughter's care:

"I see you. I sit on this couch all day long and, I see you. You try so hard to be unnoticed by my child and me."

"I see your face drop a little when she sees you and cries. You try so many ways to ease her fears and win her over."

"I see you hesitate to stick her or pull bandaids off. You say 'No owies' and 'I'm sorry' more times in one day than most people say 'thank you'..."

"I see all of those rubber bracelets on your arms and wrapped around your stethoscope, each one for a child that you've cared for and loved."

struggling nurse tries to be 'sneaky,' but mom snaps photos letting everyone know she saw her

But that's not all Shelby saw, she continued:

"I see you stroke her little bald head and tuck her covers around her tightly. I see you holding the crying mom that got bad news."

"I see you trying to chart on the computer while holding the baby whose mom can't-or won't be at the hospital with her."

"You put aside what's happening in your life for 12 hours straight to care for very sick, and sometimes dying children."

"You go into each room with a smile no matter what's happening in there. You see Sophie's name on the schedule and come to check on us even when she isn't your patient."

"You call the doctor, blood bank, and pharmacy as often as necessary to get my child what she needs in a timely manner."

"You check on me as often as you check on her. You sit and listen to me ramble for 10 minutes even though your phone is buzzing and your to-do list is a mile long."

"I see you. We all see you. No amount of snack baskets or cards can fully express how appreciated you are. You are Jesus to us every single day."

"Our children wouldn't get what they need without you. Moms like me wouldn't feel sane or heard without you. You save our babies, and we couldn't do this without you."

Shelby's heartfelt sentiments touched not only the nurses she wrote the post for but also other parents who had similar experiences and also saw that the nurses are the backbone of the pediatric unit.

struggling nurse tries to be 'sneaky,' but mom snaps photos letting everyone know she saw her

These nurses' jobs are unbelievably challenging as they live through the worst times of any parent's life, over and over again, every day.

They all deserve to be noticed for their courageous, selfless dedication.

So, in tribute to all nurses everywhere, please know we see you too and appreciate everything you do for our little ones.