Strong Women Often Feel Broken, And This Is Why

Strong Women Often Feel Broken, And This Is Why

There's a woman who lets nothing get to her. She can handle anything and come out of it looking like nothing happened.

She gets through betrayals, heartbreaks, disappointments, huge mistakes, and everything in between without losing her enthusiasm or breaking down.

Even when she is going through hell, she can still give you a warm comforting smile and cheer you up when you are feeling down. She is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes, regardless of how bad her day is.

She has endless love to give. She seems to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders without breaking a sweat.

When you look at her, you will admire her. Everything in her life is under control. She has the strength, and success follows her wherever she goes.

What you might not know is that you see what she wants you to see.

Her heart is strong, yes. She has an undying spirit, yes. But that is all she lets you see.

But what you don't see are the feelings she keeps deep within. And how could you? The burdens she carries within are far beyond what many people can handle.

As she goes about her day, she is smartly dressed. She wears a warm confident smile. But that is because she has the energy to put up that front.

Out of the public eye, she is a different person altogether. When she gets home, it's a struggle to keep it together. The nightmares she hides finally come to the surface.

She cannot let the world know how vulnerable she is.

She will always be willing and able to uplift your spirits when you are feeling down.

This woman would like to let it all out. To release all the pain and let the tears flow so she is free of the burden she carries.

She is always on the brink of being a total wreck. Fortunately, she has the strength to keep herself from going over the edge.

She suffers in silence. But she has made this choice.

This woman will not let the world see her pains. The world is full of ills. It is far too cruel for that. Her pained soul is not something she will let the world see.

To the world, she is a loud and cheerful girl. She brings brightness wherever she goes. She can solve one problem after another. She is the girl to run to when you need some advice about various issues.

She knows what to do. She always does.

She never loses her cool.

But even as she gives this advice, she would like to scream her loudest and let go of the tension within her.

People are clueless about the troubles she suffers and endures. She made a choice to never make her issues anyone else's.

But as soon as she gets home, she cannot hide them anymore. Yes, she can hide her problems from the world. But she cannot hide them from herself.

She hates these moments, but that is the price she pays for her perpetual fortitude. The pain she bears is beyond imaginable.

The insecurities can get overwhelming, and they can dent her confidence. She is afraid, and that could very well spoil her chances of finding happiness. She fears she could end up a nobody.

But she underestimates how powerful she is.

She does not realize how unique she is for her ability to keep moving forward in the face of all the hardships she faces in life.

The heartbreaks don't slow her down. The pain and sorrow don't take away her desire to live. She remains standing despite all the storms in her life.

She is immensely courageous, and few people can manage that.