Strong Women Leave As Soon As They Feel Unwanted, They Don't Beg

Strong Women Leave As Soon As They Feel Unwanted, They Don’t Beg

Ask any woman, and she'll probably admit she's had to put up with plenty of BS while dating. She meets a guy and likes him and she can feel a connection.

A nice date follows, and she is convinced that things will work out well in the end. She is now dreaming of a future together with this guy, and then, out of nowhere, the guy goes MIA.

All he leaves behind are questions.

What The Hell Happened? She Wonders

She has no answers. So, she waits patiently.

She hopes he will come back with an apology. Her wish is that he realizes that they had a real thing going and that he should fight to keep it.

She does all this to avoid the devastating truth before her eyes–he was not that into her.

Maybe that wasn't the problem. He could have been just a horrible guy who is scared of true love.

All in all, many women have been in scenarios where, as soon as they went all in and gave their all to the relationship, the guy stopped bothering.

That happens, and it's part of life. There isn't much you can do about it.

However, you can change your reaction to such experiences.

Rather than losing it and paying the guy a visit to let him have it for letting a precious person like you go, you can act with a lot more self-respect.

Confronting him might seem like a sign of love or bravery, but the endless calls and texts need to stop. That will only make him sure of his decision to disappear on you because you will seem crazy.

Be A Different Kind Of Woman

Leave if you feel unwanted and don't waste any more of your time on the guy.

I speak this from experience. I have given my love and attention to people who did not deserve it. Then they left and I spent days moping.

But later, I realized I could have used that time in a better way. I could have traveled and met new people.

Like you, I believe that his actions did not happen out of the blues. You had plenty of red flags, but you ignored them to give love a chance.

In fact, you should have left him before he even left. Your breaking up was inevitable.

You Waited Until He Had To Leave

So, don't make that mistake in the future.

Be a strong woman who ends things and moves on with her life as soon as you feel unwanted. Don't put up with all that nonsense and hold on to guys who want nothing but to leave.

You shouldn't have to drive yourself crazy over anyone.

Life Should Be Happy, It Is Far Too Short

And the right guy will not drive you crazy with thoughts on whether to keep holding on. You will want to hold on, and it will be effortless because he will also hold on to you.

A strong woman does not beg her way into a terrible relationship that should never have begun in the first place. Instead, she leaves as soon as she feels unwanted. Be that woman for a change, and you will get more satisfaction out of this life and the romantic relationships you get into.