Strong Women Have Walked Through Fire

Strong Women Have Walked Through Fire

Life isn't easy, it's full of curveballs and crazy hard moments. There are moments that make us want to just throw in the towel or those that feel like the world is falling in on us. Some of us buckle under the pressure. Others, well they soar. What is it about these women that makes them so strong? They have walked through fire and were reborn like the Phoenix into a stronger and wiser version of themselves.

These people who have faced the odds and won give us hope that we may someday be as strong as they are. They become role models and proof that anything is possible. They are strong, independent, and incredible human beings. And here's the secret: any one of us can become that strong woman who has walked through fire and won.

Here are a couple of things they have in common that any one of us can learn.

Strong women know they are worth it

Strong women know for a fact that they have worth. They believe in themselves and are stronger for it. They don't roll over when something doesn't go their way, they are aware of their limitations and their capacities. They don't waste time comparing themselves with others but strive to be the best they can be.

Strong women value respect above attention

Strong women are willing to put in the work to earn your respect. They will not ask for you to give them something, nor will they stick around when they find that they aren't being respected by the people they are surrounded with. They know they are worth more.

Strong women are ready to forgive

Holding grudges for them is a waste of time. They decided that life is too short to spend it plotting revenge for some petty issue. They are ready and willing to forgive just about anything. They know that the only way to learn is by making mistakes and they have made plenty themselves. They are more than willing to give someone the chance to try again.

Strong women are honest above all else

To a strong woman it's better to be honest now rather than sugar coat it and find out it was a lie later. She will strive to be honest and expects the same in return. It is better to be told the truth from the beginning than discovering it when it's too late.

Ultimately, a strong woman believes in herself

The ultimate strong woman believes she can do anything. She has put in the hours, been burned and beaten by the world, has got back up and kept going. She knows she is strong enough to weather the storm and she knows she can do anything.

Strong women are the most amazing human beings. They love like they have never been hurt and they give the best of themselves every single day.