Strong Women Are The Ones Who Are Always Leaving

Strong Women Are The Ones Who Are Always Leaving

Strong women always leave - because they can't remain idle for long. They do not live too comfortably and do not want to live a mediocre life. The ones who strive to be more as well as do more.

To attain the height more significant than what is expected, to grow beyond others' thoughts, perception, and imagination. To achieve a level that exceeds the societal benchmark.

Strong women do not take negativity as answers. They aim high for the sky to achieve their goals. They will never accept defeat when it comes to dream or purpose fulfillment. They will not relent.

Strong women do not settle for mediocrity. They don't settle for less. They don't settle for guys, men, or friends who always make them unhappy. They settle for nothing - not even a particular thing.

Strong women run wild. They steer clear of whatever it is that constitutes normalcy and standards in society. They run away from picture-perfect, phoniness, fakeness, and glossy filters. They run from whatever makes them appear ordinary and does make them worthwhile.

Just because they are not ordinary

Strong women never stop. They never stop in their quest to succeed - they keep moving on. They're those who hardly stop to aim at their goals. They're the ones who hardly stop fighting. They're the ones who hardly stop hoping. They do not cease to have faith and belief in themselves.

They continuously seek a more beautiful and adventurous life. They seek more knowledge and sunsets. They want their worth and value seen and heard. Fighting for great feats. For an extraordinary life, as they deemed their life as valuable.

Strong women do not get held back by their pasts. They are those who seek and set their eyes on the future, for brighter days. They possess inner courage and strength to let go of people or situations that hurt them or make them unhappy. They develop enough strength to get over their past lives and move forward.

Strong women always leave. They are those who abandon guys or men who either tell them they are not 'enough' or they're 'too much.' They are those who leave any man who spits lies at them and only wants them on their lonely nights. They are those who leave people who have either betrayed them or brought them down. They are those who leave the city that has their past lovers' ghosts haunt them with their daunting and blank stares. They are those who leave people who refused to see their stars or light behind.

Strong women always believe. They will always believe in the imminent coming of better days and future. They are those who believe that they are enough within themselves. They're the ones who will always believe others. They believe everyone is worthy of a life not to be left or deserted.