Strong And Caring Mothers Raise The Most Powerful Women

Strong And Caring Mothers Raise The Most Powerful Women

Loving but fair and strong mothers are diamonds. We don't appreciate them as much during hormone-driven puberty. However, everything changes once we are adults.

Raising a girl and turning her into a powerful, resilient woman, a woman who's not afraid to chase her dreams and be independent, is not easy. But some moms do it, and it's nonstop work. Those mothers don's wear capes, though I'm sure they are superhumans.

Here's why having a tough, strict, but nurturing mother, who's not afraid to teach you how to fly and how to fall, means more than anything.

You're not afraid to do things your way

You may not always act like a lady, but you think like a boss. It's impossible to get anywhere without having faith in yourself and knowing your worth.

Your mother taught you to work hard, but she also made you realize that you have all the power to make your life outstanding.

And you love your independence

Yes, partners are great, but you know what's even better? Being with someone because you want to, not because you need to.

Your life isn't perfect, but it's in your hands, and you are doing a fantastic job.

It's great to be independent and to love your me-time. You're giving yourself room to grow and become a better person. Now, that's hot!

But, also you know how to love

Mothers love unconditionally. Sure, you had arguments, disagreements, but she's your biggest fan. And a strong, nurturing mom will always be on your heart.

She didn't just give you life. She gave you a chance to learn how to love yourself and others. You know how to love because you felt real love. It's not always perfect, but it's honest, deep, and meaningful.

And you don't see women as competition

Living in a men's world isn't easy. Raising a daughter while you know that men will try to take off her crown is even harder.

But your mother did it. And that's what makes you unique, tough, yet fair. You know that women are only weaker because men said so. That's why you don't see other women as competition. Instead, they are your support, and you are always rooting for them!

You know how to let to

Imagine if your mother lived in the past while she was raising you? She wouldn't be able to give you everything her best. And you wouldn't learn to be in the now.

That's why you know how to let go. Focus on the present moment while always having plans for the future. Your mother is a superstar because she is the ultimate champion of letting go!

And finally, you will be a great mother

Oh, this is no surprise: you know you're going to be a fabulous mother because you had the perfect teacher.

You will be able to teach your child to love, to express emotions, and to be strong. Yes, you will give them all the ingredients, just like your mom did.

Despite all the moments where you felt misunderstood, it all makes sense now. Having a mother who will teach you how to nail the adulting is a real blessing. Let's cherish our strong mothers and thank them for creating women who are making a difference!