strip club starts topless food delivery, classifying it an ‘essential’ business

Amid tough coronavirus restrictions, strip club has strippers take to topless food deliveries.

Even before the pandemic forced the nightlife industry to go dark, strippers and other adult entertainers were among the first to see their profession take a hit.

Customers dwindled as they social-distanced from the stage and its performers, leaving dancers with less or no earnings.

However, strippers have also proven resourceful when it comes to reinventing the industry amid a crisis that seems to destroy it.

While some strip clubs are hosting drive-through strip shows, an Oregon strip club has its exotic dancers make topless food deliveries.

strip club starts topless food delivery, classifying it an ‘essential’ business

Lucky Devil Lounge announced on social media about its plan to send out the dancers with food to its patrons. They called the service ‘Boober Eats.’

Posting on Facebook, the strip club said:

Working on keeping our kitchen open for food deliveries and our staff employed.

Dancers will be delivering the food orders topless to your doorstep. Calling it Boober.

The strip club also announced that the delivery service is a ‘continuing project.’

Lucky Devil Lounge said on Twitter:

Boober Eats is back at it again… to deliver food and boobs to your doorstep!

Taking pre-orders on our website and will begin deliveries at 7pm! For more info, menus and our order forms, please visit our website in bio.

And that’s how Boober Eats was born!

strip club starts topless food delivery, classifying it an ‘essential’ business

For a $30 delivery fee, customers can order a burger and fries—or a salad, or a steak, or any variety of dishes—to their homes.

Then, two dancers—wearing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers—deliver the order to the customer’s doorstep.

After leaving the food on the doorstep, the dancers remove their sweaters and ‘bounce around’ at a six-foot distance. But that might depend on the skill set of the dancer.

strip club starts topless food delivery, classifying it an ‘essential’ business

Strippers are independent contractors. So, they don’t have paid sick leave or other benefits should they find themselves out of work.

As a result, following club shutdowns, dancers have been left totally bereft of income.

One dancer shared to the subReddit r/strippers:

I’m scared what the [future] holds. Because even if people pay and support [us], at what point do their extra funds they use to support dancers get affected by their inability to work or travel.

Many dancers have now resorted to crowdfunding to support themselves, while others, like most adult performers, are selling content on OnlyFans.

And while Boober Eats is not a perfect solution, Lucky Devil Lounge owner said they’re making only a quarter of their usual income.

However, it gets better every day.