Streaming As The Future Of Entertainment

The phenomenon the world knows as "streaming" started back in 1995 when ESPN Sports Zone streamed a live radio broadcast of a baseball match between the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees. Tech enthusiasts had longed dreamed about the concept of streaming online football, but issues such as bandwidth, scalability and reach had convinced them it was just wishful thinking. Then Flash, which married Web 2.0, interactivity and streaming media, arrived and although these issues were still present, fresh hope was born.


Today, developments in internet technology have made streaming much more accessible. Now streaming is used in a wide variety of industries, allowing people to follow events in real time, to access entertainment and more. One industry making the most of streaming is online casino, which offers online slots, live casino and more. Internet casinos follow developments in technology closely so their players can enjoy the best experience. Streaming is one of these developments. This post asks whether streaming is the future of entertainment, discusses the benefits of streaming services and at how streaming has affected the film industry.


Is Streaming The Future Of Entertainment?

Whether it's sport, films, TV or other content, entertaining audiences must move with the times. Technology is evolving fast, change is happening fast and streaming is becoming the future.

Consumers have access to lots of different services and are choosing between them. A company that doesn't provide some form of streaming can miss out hugely on business. Consumers are accessing amazing viewing experiences, and as is the case in so many aspects of so many other industries, demands will increase. They'll expect them to get better and better.


This is especially the case because of improvements in the design and capabilities of devices, and in connectivity. The focus of this is on a seamless online experience, and consumers simply don't have the patience for anything less than an optimum performance.

The Benefits Of Streaming Services

But why stream services when you could just head out to the cinema, to an arcade or to a live event or somewhere else and enjoy the entertainment? It's because streaming has several benefits. Here are some of the main ones:


You Can Stream On Any Device

Tech has come such a long way that it's possible to stream services on just about any device. It could be your TV, a tablet, a phone, a laptop or a computer. You can be at home or on the go and download shows or films to your favorite device from services such as Netflix. You don't even have to be online to view them.


There's Lots Of Variety

It's never a dull moment when it comes to online video streaming entertainment services. There are so many different options to choose from: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV and Disney are just a few of the many services out there. They all provide interesting, original content. You just have to decide whether the price and quality of the service are right for you.


You Can Cancel Whenever You Want

A lot of streaming services require a monthly subscription without any contract. In some cases, you may have to sign up for a certain number of months, and even if you cancel in that time, you may still have to pay for it. That aside, however, entertainment streaming services allow you a lot of flexibility. You can cancel and resign up whenever you want.


You Can Still Capture Live Events

When a big event is announced, people rush to the box office, online or offline, to get tickets. These can sell out in minutes, depending on the event. Streaming gives you the chance to still capture the action when you can't get a ticket. You can even witness the event in more comfort than you might have been able there at the venue, despite missing out slightly out on the atmosphere.


The Impact Of Streaming On The Movie Industry

One industry that has felt the impact of streaming has been movies. People are able to stream online dramas rather than having to go to the cinema for a new release, with Hollywood more likely to go for big budget epics than smaller productions to bring people into cinemas.

Even the actors and actresses who star in movies, or directors, are starting to sign up with streaming services. Some are more likely to appear in productions by Apple TV or Netflix than by movie companies. Big names who have already signed up with entertainment streaming companies include Martin Scorsese, Eddie Murphy, Ben Affleck and Meryl Streep, to name but a few.


Streaming technology has advanced in a major way since that first broadcast in 1995. Today, consumers have a wide variety of options, which makes the streaming of entertainment and other services a highly competitive industry. Streaming is the future of entertainment, and an extremely exciting one too.