Strawberry Blonde' Sunflowers Have Stunning Pink Gradient Petals,

You've probably never seen a sunflower with colors like this—the first-ever rose-pink sunflower!

With their vibrant color, sunflowers are a favorite among many flower lovers.

And recently, photos of a new type of sunflower have emerged online, taking the internet by storm.

Houseplants Have Gained Popularity In The Past Few Years

Many of us live in apartments without outdoor spaces. And we all want to bring the 'outside jungle' inside our living spaces.

Transform Your Home Into Indoor Jungles With Houseplants

From fresh flowers to mini trees, houseplants have now become something of an Instagram obsession.

But, it's a struggle to keep these houseplants alive. However, this hasn't stopped us from filling our homes with greenery.

One Of The Favorite Flowers That Brightens Our Days Is The Sunflower

And you can see clearly why they're popular.

Their bright yellow colors are just enough to cheer anyone up.

Sunflowers Are More Than Just Pretty Flowers

Sunflowers are also a natural decontaminator of soils. They've been used to clean up soil in some of the world's biggest environmental disasters.

There's A New Type Of Sunflower Taking Instagram By Storm

Most of us thought only the yellow sunflowers exist. But there's a beautiful sunflower variety, called "strawberry blonde."


How pretty are they?

The Eye-Catching Flowers Are Simply Stunning

The combination of subtle lemon and rose-pink flowers surrounding a dark disc, forming 5-6" blooms, will leave you breathless.

The flowers are well-branched for cutting and pollen-free, and they won't stain your furniture.

Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers Are Easy To Grow And Care For

This makes them perfect for beginner gardeners. They grow in average well-drained garden soil.

These sunflowers can grow up to 6 ft. tall, so make sure you select the right spot to not shade other sun-loving plants.

They Bloom Within Two-Four Months After Planting

The Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers blooming season ranges between 55-100 days, depending on the conditions and your individual sunflowers.

Speaking of conditions, these sunflowers prefer full sun. And place them away from windy locations.

Are You Going To Plant Some Of Your Own?

I think I've found a new obsession; the Strawberry Blonde Sunflower!

The best part? You can grow the Strawberry Blonde Sunflower right in your backyard garden, and the seeds are insanely affordable.

Nothing ushers summer like gorgeous flowers that'll perk up your mood as soon as you see them.

You can thank me later,

Now excuse me as I go to buy some seeds for myself!