Stop Rushing: 8 Steps To Increase Your Patience

Stop Rushing: 8 Steps To Increase Your Patience

Always in a rush? This is a clear sign you need to increase your patience.

In today's instant world, we get practically everything we want right away. The logical question is - "Do we have to be patient at all?"

If we want to achieve our goals, have successful relationships with other people, and be satisfied with ourselves, the answer is - YES.

Patience is the ability to tolerate waiting or frustration without getting upset. It's a mental state of complete control over our emotions or impulses and acting calmly when facing difficulties.

Why Should You Increase Your Patience?

Stop Rushing: 8 Steps To Increase Your Patience

Little that is valuable and important to us can happen right away. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort to achieve this. Patience is a virtue. Especially nowadays.

Situations where it is necessary to increase your patience:

Achieving long-term goals

Losing extra pounds

Getting a baby


Making a successful career or business

Achieving top sports results

Achieving extraordinary results

Treatment after wounds or diseases

Overcoming a great loss or tragedy

The list goes on.

Being Patient In Practice

Stop The Rush – The Key Steps To Increasing Your Patience

This is how it looks to increase your patience in practice:

If you hate waiting, in times of practicing greater patience, when there is a mile-long line in front of you at the store, and you are in a great hurry: the old automatism would trigger you to get annoyed, but you recognize it and turn into a new one. You use the time waiting in the line for meditation.

If you are annoyed by the noise of the city, loud neighbors... Take it as training of inner silence: accept the sounds, and isolate yourself from them, practicing inner peace.

If repeating the same thing drives you crazy ... it is likely that even those with whom you have perfect communication, will have to repeat the simplest things: this is an exercise in love. Maybe by the old automatism you would raise your voice or get upset, now become aware of energy communication and approach the soul, not the mind, gently and calmly.

These are just some examples, but life is imaginative, and everyone has something or someone who irritates them the most. Such situations teach us to stop, to go little by little and slowly. As a house that is built brick by brick: the whole process to increase your patience takes time.

The secret is to hold your ground - the awareness of the responsibility of love of everything we are, that grows even stronger, more thorough, and more patient in how we live and express.

What You Get When You Increase Your Patience

Stop The Rush – The Key Steps To Increasing Your Patience

Here's what you'll get if you work to increase your patience:

1. You will reduce stress levels and become happier and healthier.

Patient people are less angry and less nervous. With patience, we better control our emotions and face difficult situations with ease and balance.

Among other factors, this affects longevity and makes us happier and healthier people.

2. You will make better decisions.

When we are patient, we are ready to spend the time necessary to properly assess the situation, see the bigger picture and weigh the pros and cons.

This reduces the chance of making mistakes as a result of hasty decisions.

3. You will develop the skills of reasoning, empathy, and compassion.

When we are patient, we have more understanding and compassion for others.

Patient people need time to process what they are going through - both emotionally and cognitively. They can determine what they need to overcome obstacles, so they have much more understanding for others.

This results in better and more fulfilled relationships with partners, friends, children, co-workers, and bosses.

4. You will begin to respect the process of work and growth.

Everything valuable requires time and effort to achieve. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Planning, growth, evaluation, and measurement require time, so you need to increase your patience.

Stop Rushing: 8 Steps To Increase Your Patience

We all find ourselves in a nerve-racking situation where we wait in line for a long time, deal with a child's agonies, grumpy colleagues, or "difficult" friends, spouses ... our patience is tested every day. How can we become more tolerant and calmer?

The first person you have to show patience for is yourself. If you cannot accept yourself as you are, with a tendency to procrastinate and repeat the same mistakes, you will not be able to accept others.

The aggression pointed at others is an attempt to face your inner self. All parents experience this when their children reflect the very picture of their shortcomings.

Consciousness For Patience

Stop The Rush – 8 Steps To Increase Your Patience

Self-patience is not the same as succumbing to excessive indulgence. This sometimes means going against your will. To increase your patience, you need time to open up and be enlightened. This is how you become aware of your restraints.

It is helpful to say a prayer, meditate, or at least breathe slowly, especially when you feel tense, irritated, or exhausted. In this process of greater consciousness, you gain peace that allows you to accept yourself kindly and patiently.

The Main Enemy Of Patience

Stop The Rush – 8 Steps To Increase Your Patience

As you know, when you don't function well, your efforts to be patient are less successful. Therefore, you need to be aware of this and take this into account.

We are all sleep-deprived, exposed to noise and stress, so we need to become more aware that our mood directly depends on these aspects of our physical condition. It is much harder to increase your patience when your physical needs are not met.

You need to learn how to take proper care of yourself. Try to regulate your sleeping habits, be better organized and dedicate some time for yourself every day to rest, reflect and recharge. Only in this way can you increase your patience.

Patience Can Be Demanding

Stop The Rush – The Key Steps To Increasing Your Patience

Patience requires us to do one thing at a time. When children learn to walk, we encourage them to work one step at a time and thus teach them to go longer distances. It's the same with us. Nothing can be achieved right away.

If any progress seems quick and significant, it is often because it has been quietly prepared beforehand, like a seed falling to the ground and slowly beginning to grow.

Patience Shows Trust

Stop The Rush – The Key Steps To Increasing Your Patience

Sometimes being patient means hoping against all odds. Parents with children with disabilities often give us an enlightening example of this.

By accepting to walk side by side with their children, by refusing to be defeated, they achieve amazing things that can surprise even the greatest experts. Take them as an example of how to increase your patience, and apply what you learn in everyday struggles.

To Be Patient Is To Forgive

Stop The Rush – 8 Steps To Increase Your Patience

To be patient means to forgive. It is a return after every fall, every false hope.

When our patience is considerably put to the test, let us turn to acceptance and love, which is the only way towards joy and happiness in life.

Steps To Increase Your Patience

Stop The Rush – The Key Steps To Increasing Your Patience

1. Dedicate a day in the week to practice patience.

Take your time and think about everything you do. At the end of the day, look at all the ways you made smart decisions, had a good relationship with others, and really understood what was going on.

It would be ideal for such processes to become a habit and for us to repeat them every day without thinking. To increase your patience, you need persistence and effort, which makes it physical exercise as well.

2. Slow down.

If you have a habit of constantly chasing, trying to hurry things, you want something to end immediately, and you can't wait for them to play out naturally - slow down. Take a few deep breaths before moving on.

If you're in a long line at the store or in a traffic jam, take a break and don't get frustrated. Remember that you need to increase your patience and use your time productively. Listen to the radio or enjoy the view. Impatience will not help us, nor will it speed things up.

Stop The Rush – The Key Steps To Increasing Your Patience

3. Practice delaying pleasure.

When you want to eat some dessert, drink your second coffee or buy your tenth pair of shoes - stop and think hard. You probably don't need any of that.

Stop. Save some money and calories. If your desire does not pass in the meantime - feel free to treat yourself. To increase your patience, you need to practice self-restraint and strong will.

4. Think before you say something.

Sometimes we just shoot the first thought that comes to our mind without thinking about the consequences. If we are patient, we can pause and think about what we want to say. To increase your patience means being aware of everything that comes out of your mouth and having control over your thoughts and actions.

This way, you can avoid hurting other people or embarrassing yourself.

5. Be aware of things that make you nervous

Most people have several tasks in their head, and then their brain jumps from thought to thought, not taking the time to complete one task first and then move on to another. We live busy lives as we try to do multiple tasks, and it is frustrating when we feel we are not making progress. It is better to keep your thoughts in mind, and the best way to understand this is to write down what makes you nervous. This will help you slow down and focus on one task and remove those things that are causing you stress.

Stop The Rush – 8 Steps To Increase Your Patience

6. Learn to wait

The best way to increase your patience is to make yourself wait. A study published in the Psychological Science Journal shows that waiting for certain things makes us happier in the long run. Start with something small, like waiting a few extra minutes to drink that cocoa, and then move on to something bigger. You will start to have more patience as you practice waiting, so you will be less nervous and learn how to be calm.

7. Relax and breathe deeply

Most important of all, just relax and breathe deeply. A light deep breath can help calm the mind and body. This is the easiest way to alleviate any negative feelings you acquire. If breathing doesn't help, a walk can help you "clear your head" and refocus on what's important. The point is to find moments of relaxation every day.

8. Stop doing things that don't matter

We all do things in life that take up our time and are not that important. One way to remove stress from our lives is to stop doing those things. Take a few minutes and evaluate your week and commitments. Look at your schedule from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Take out two or three things that are important and that you need time for. It's time to learn to say "no" to things that cause stress and make you impatient.

Sometimes the key is not to increase your patience but to avoid things that make you impatient.

Stop The Rush – The Key Steps To Increasing Your Patience

It's easy nowadays to feel as if you are losing your head, and it is often the smallest thing that annoys you. It seems that our patience is tested all of the time, so it is better to accept these lessons as soon as possible.

Sometimes that means doing things we don't like. Sometimes to stop clinging to something we cannot have and be content with what we are. Patience is built step by step, not overnight.

We should try to find beauty in slowness and light rhythm and be consistent. Pay attention to every detail, as if it is the most important and biggest thing in the world.