Stop The Guesswork: Here Are 25 Proven Ways To Turn On A Girl

Stop The Guesswork: Here Are 25 Proven Ways To Turn On A Girl

There are two kinds of guys to a girl: a sexy guy, and a boring guy. You wouldn't want to be in the latter category, would you? But through no fault of your own, you might have slowly realized girls find you boring.

The other problem is that many guys think they are irresistible, but then realize that great girls are picking other guys over them.

Why does this happen? More importantly, how can you turn things around and become the charming guy every girl longs for?

It's not that many guys are losers, the problem is that they don't know how to turn on girls and keep them interested.

And while some guys might seem naturally charming to girls, the skills needed to become a guy a girl cannot get enough of can easily be learned.

15 Things Girls Consider A Turn On In A Guy

1. Confidence

Without confidence, you cannot get very far with girls. And I am not talking about being cocky or arrogant. Confidence is being composed and self-assured so that your interactions with girls don't seem awkward.

2. Having Your Shit Together

Does your life have a sense of direction? Then a girl will probably love you for it. So, make sure you are in control of every aspect of your life, and girls will love being part of your life.

3. Make Her Feel Special

When girls are pursued, it really turns them on and makes them feel special. A girl wants to know how much you desire her.

4. Self-Respect

If you have respect for yourself, a girl will also feel the urge to respect you. Girls ultimately want partners they can respect, and they find it charming that a man appreciates who he is.

5. A Guy She Can Be Proud Of

Be proud of yourself and how far you have come, and a girl will like you more. Girls like winners in life and appreciating your achievements will make you a winner in the eyes of many girls.

6. Sharp Dressing

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but we can do it all the time. So, invest in a good wardrobe, and girls will notice and find you charming.

7. Being Attentive To Her Needs

One way to make a girl feel special is to pay attention when she is voicing her needs and desires. This will really charm her and get her attention.

8. Being An Alpha Male

Being a leader in your group will draw girls to you. As long as you seem in control in groups, girls will notice and want to get closer.

9. A Man Who Makes Her Feel Safe

You should always protect your girl so she feels safe around you. If she realizes that you worry more about her safety than your own, she will truly find you charming.

10. Being Passionate About Life

You should have a strong personal drive to achieve your goals in life. Although girls love fun guys, they want a guy who is serious about important life goals.

11. Being Sweet and Caring

You should certainly be masculine; girls are not very fond of effeminate men. But you should also have a soft side, especially to a girl who is trying to get closer to you.

12. Having Wealth

Most girls might not admit this, but they like a man with some cash. After all, you need it to pamper a girl and make her feel special.

13. Being Witty And Charming

Although you are not called upon to be a clown, being witty is an effective way to keep a girl interested. Additionally, you should be charming and smart.

14. Having A Stand

You should let no one take you for granted, even a girl you like. You should get the respect you deserve from everyone. Girls love guys who are respectable and can defend themselves.

15. Chivalry

They say chivalry is dead, that might also be what is killing your chances of charming the girl you want in your life. So, try to be your girl's knight in shining armor, and you will really stand out and have a special place in her heart.

Sexual Turn Ons

If you have charmed the girl enough to get her into your bedroom, congrats. But the battle is not over, you can still mess up the attraction at this stage.

Here are 10 tips to make sure that does not happen.

1. Patience

You should not rush, but take some time for foreplay. This will ensure she is ready for what you are about to do.

2. Don't Be Selfish

Many guys focus on meeting their needs and then they forget about the girl. If you feel you are getting there too fast, you can tell her and you can try ways to keep things going for much longer so you finish together.

3. Knowing What You Are Doing

Sex is a very broad subject, and you can never know enough. Therefore, knowing plenty about the subject can give you a leg up. For instance, know what girls like in bed so you can please her.

4. Being In Charge

Women like men who can take charge, while also being comfortable to let her be in control when she feels like it. So, don't tone things down, and a little pain as you hold her hair or nibble her might make the process more exciting for her.

5. Having A Great Body

Looking good because you work out can be a real turn-on for a girl. So, work on having a great body through proper grooming and exercise.

6. Knowing How To Touch Her

This means understanding her sensitive spots and giving them due attention as you explore her body. These sensations can be deeply satisfying.

7. Knowing To Use Your Tongue

Most guys desire a girl who is good in bed in all ways, including oral. But few take the time to learn how to return the favor properly. So, learn to use your tongue all over her body so she also gets a good time.

8. Being Able To Keep The Sex Life Interesting And Exciting

You should try to learn a few more things you can do together when in bed. In fact, your love life should not be confined to the bedroom.

9. A Manly Smell

Before you get in bed with a girl after a long day, make sure you take a shower. You can also put on a good cologne to enhance your smell.

10. A Man Other Girls Want

Girls like guys other girls want. So, if you are generally charming and girls seem to mill around you, chances are that the girl you want would fight for a chance to be around you.

So, there you have it. You can turn your life around and become a truly charming guy to any girl with these great tips.