Stop Telling Me I'm "Moving Too Fast" In My Relationship - I Know What I'm Doing

I had envisioned that when I met my perfect match, our relationship would progress smoothly and gradually. However, my boyfriend took me by surprise as we fell in love rapidly, and despite our short time together, we are already making long-term plans for our future. While some may consider our pace imprudent or hasty, I personally do not share that sentiment.

1. I spent a long time on my own before him — I know what I want

Prior to meeting my boyfriend, I spent several years navigating the complexities of modern dating culture on my own. During that time, I discovered not only my true self but also the specific attributes that I desire in a lifelong partner. As soon as he arrived, my heart recognized him almost instantly, and I refuse to waste any more time tip-toeing around when I know that he's the one I've been waiting for.

2. We're both grown-ups who are on the same page

Our relationship didn't progress at a slow pace like a turtle; it struck like a bolt of lightning. As two independent adults who have our lives together, finding each other and falling in love was just the beginning of our journey towards the future. Nothing complicated stands in our way.

3. Every relationship is different

My relationship is not moving at a slow pace like a turtle, but rather at lightning speed. Both of us are independent adults who have our lives together, and finding the perfect love we've been hoping for is just the beginning of our journey towards the future. No complications stand in our way.

4. The old saying is true — sometimes when you know, you just know

To be honest, I've never quite understood couples who claim to have known right away that their partners were "The One". However, when my boyfriend and I started dating, I finally understood that indescribable feeling. We have no drama or overanalyzing of details, just two people who instinctively know that we have found the real deal.

5. There's no such thing as a perfect timeline for love

Every love story is unique. While some couples may take years to move in together, others may do so almost immediately and still succeed. Ultimately, fate has its way, and what's meant to be will happen. So, I trust the process and let things unfold naturally. In our case, our pace is just quicker than the norm.

6. I've done the single girl life — I'm ready for more

After enjoying many years of single life, filled with chaos and thrilling moments, it's time for me to leave the past behind and embrace my future in this relationship. I've been through a lot in my single life and feel that I've earned the right to bask in my love and make real, definitive moves to build a future.

7. I trust that what we have is real

In the past, I've ignored bad vibes from my gut, which left me hurt and disappointed. However, this time, it's different. I feel a complete calmness and genuine excitement exploding out of the love I'm experiencing with my boyfriend. I'm not nervous, and there are no internal alarms going off. We're completely into each other and all in this together, so I'm going to trust what we have and go with it.

8. Why wait for the future when we could be living it sooner?

While it's true that slow and steady may win the race, my partner and I are grown-ups who have conquered our demons, built ourselves independently, and are ready to take the next steps in our relationship. Why should we wait just to fit in with the norm? Life is short, and I plan on making the rest of my life a story worth telling. At a certain point, I decided to stop worrying and start actually living.

9. It's our love and therefore our rules

Although some people may comment on the speed of our relationship, it's not their place to judge. The love we share is ours, and the life we're planning is ours to decide. We love each other deeply, and we're both committed to staying strong together, no matter what obstacles come our way. So, I'm not moving too fast with my boyfriend; I'm simply going with my gut.