Stop Saying You Wish You Were A Lesbian — Dating Women Isn't Any Easier

Frequently, women who are fed up with enduring a constant barrage of exasperating male conduct express their desire to switch to dating women. Although this may seem like the ultimate expression of frustration with men, it can actually make one sound foolish.

1. It's An Insult To Lesbians

It could be tempting to consider it a compliment when expressing your desire to emulate your favorite lesbian, perhaps because they're similar to Ellen Page or Cara Delevingne. However, this may erroneously suggest that being a lesbian is a simple choice that can be made. This portrayal ignores the complexities of sexuality and should be avoided. It's important to recognize the nuance involved and avoid making light of something as intricate as sexuality.


2. Being A Lesbian Has Its Struggles, Too

Apart from the fact that you don't have to deal with men romantically, being a part of the LGBT community can present a multitude of challenges that are far from easy. Coming out can be a struggle, with the added hope that family and friends will accept them, and the reality of inequality is still a significant issue. While choosing who to date may seem like a simple matter, for LGBT individuals, it's not always that straightforward.


3. Girls Can Be Just As Infuriating

As a girl, you likely have female friends and are aware of the unique challenges that come with being a woman. While guys can be insensitive, girls can also be overly sensitive. If you've ever spent an evening consoling a friend as she obsesses over the last four texts from her ex, you know firsthand how tiring it can be to deal with the emotional ups and downs of other girls.


4. Relationships Are Hard No Matter Which Gender You're Dating

Why do you assume that being in a serious relationship with a girl would be fundamentally different from being with a guy? Although the unique challenges you face with a woman might not be identical, it doesn't imply that they'll be any simpler.

5. It's A Free Country

If you desire to date women, there's nothing stopping you from doing so. Therefore, if you genuinely want to date women, why not explore and experiment to see if you may be a lesbian or bisexual? However, if that's completely out of the question because you're certain that you're straight, why even suggest that you would be content with dating women in any other way?


6. You're Implying Lesbians Have It Easy

When you express your desire to be a lesbian during those times when you're fed up with men, you insinuate that being on the opposite end of the sexuality spectrum would be better. However, the truth is that lesbians face a lot of difficulties that are unique to their experiences and may even have it harder in many ways.


7. It's A Cop Out

Holding your sexuality responsible for your unsuccessful dating experiences is just another means of avoiding accountability for your actions. While men can be unpleasant at times, it's essential to recognize that you're not perfect either and need to take responsibility for your part in the situation.

8. You're Feeding The Stereotypes

The notion that men are from Mars and women are from Venus is obsolete and limited in perspective. Although men and women may have differing viewpoints at times, this is true for all individuals regardless of gender. Building a connection with someone is challenging, irrespective of gender, and assuming that all men are identical is a perilous generalization.


9. A Person's Gender Doesn't Make Them Inherently "more Date-able"

Women are not inherently superior at dating and maintaining relationships. They can still exhibit negative behaviors like ghosting, cheating, or frequently sending one-word texts. Upon reflection, it's possible that you're exhausted by the dating process itself, not solely by men.

10. It Means Nothing

Individuals who express their desire to be lesbians tend to do so in a casual manner, knowing that it's an unrealistic wish. They feel at ease stating it, perceiving it as a declaration of how done they are with dating men at that particular moment.