Stop Raising Your Boyfriend — He Should Be Your Equal, Not Your Child

He is an amusing and entertaining person who can be a little challenging to pin down due to his impulsiveness. It's easy to get caught up in his charisma, and before you know it, you're taking care of him without even realizing it. Are you inadvertently mothering your boyfriend instead of having a romantic relationship with him? Let's determine the answer to that question.

1. He Talks A Good Game But Has No Follow-Through

It may appear that a smooth-talker has everything under control, but that is not always the case. When a guy doesn't care, it's effortless for him to remain relaxed. A guy like this has likely been in and out of relationships since high school, so he has had ample practice. The failure-to-launch guy is frequently very charming because he knows exactly what to say to obtain what he wants without any responsibility. He is aware that if it becomes too much for him, he can always walk away, as he has always done in the past.

2. You Support Him Financially

If your significant other is without a job or has a low-paying one, it may be time to investigate the reason behind it. Although we all recognize that the current economy is tough, unless you were exceptionally fortunate after high school or college, you worked hard to achieve your current position. In a relationship, both parties should contribute equally. Don't allow him to take the lead simply because he is unwilling to put forth the effort.

3. He Thinks Jobs He Doesn't Have Aren't Good Enough For Him

If you're helping someone in their job search, pay attention to their attitude towards the jobs they don't get or won't apply for. If they speak negatively about them, it may indicate that they consider those jobs beneath their skills or experience. However, when someone is unemployed for a prolonged period, it's not wise to criticize a job they couldn't secure.

4. You Make All The Plans

Independence is often viewed positively, particularly for those who are opinionated. But it's essential to maintain a balance in a relationship. As mentioned earlier, both parties should contribute equally. It's okay to have a preference for choosing the location, but it's not fair for one person to always extend the invitation.

5. He Snaps At Tiny Things

Women who date immature men may be surprised by their relaxed and carefree demeanor. However, this may be because they have no actual responsibilities. Once they are responsible for something, whether it be house chores, work, or even a pet, they may undergo a rapid transformation. If you notice a drastic change in their behavior, such as snapping at small things, it may be worth investigating further.

6. He Says Mean Things To You Every Time You Fight

It is inevitable that couples will have disagreements from time to time. However, regardless of how angry he may be or how wrong you may be, your partner should never be cruel to you. A man who cannot control his emotions during an argument and behaves poorly towards you does not deserve to be in a relationship with you, period.

7. His Roommates Hate Him—And They Might Be His Parents

With changes in the economy in recent years, this may not be as straightforward as it once was. If your boyfriend is in his thirties and still living with his parents, it might be cause for concern. Take a look at how he interacts with his roommates, if he has any. If they are well-organized and often nag him or seem irritated, it could be because he is not pulling his own weight. On the other hand, if his roommates are slackers but get along well, it might be best to avoid him and his friends.

8. His Room Is A Mess And So Is The Rest Of His Stuff

A man who is incapable of taking care of himself will not be able to take care of his belongings either, whether it be his car, his clothes, or his living space. Women are often tasked with helping their significant others clean up, which can be a kind gesture once in a while. However, it should be a rarity and not part of your daily routine. He is an adult and should be able to take care of himself, including doing his own laundry and folding it.

9. He's Stumbled Into His Path In Life So Far

Some of these guys may not be typical gamers living in their parents' basement. They might have a good job or a comfortable place to live. However, it's possible that they lack direction and don't have any plans for their future. If your guy lacks ambition and isn't setting any personal or professional goals for himself, it's unlikely that he'll go anywhere in life.

10. He Puts Everything Off—Talking, Cleaning, Getting A Job, You Name It

Procrastination is something that most of us struggle with, especially when we're faced with numerous responsibilities as adults. But if your guy can't even make small decisions, like where to eat or picking up his clothes, it might indicate a lack of interest or effort. You know he's not busy, he's just avoiding doing anything until you forget about it.

11. You Frequently Make Excuses To Your Friends For His Behavior

At this point, your friends might start to call you out on your behavior. If you're always making excuses for your partner's behavior, like forgetting important dates or trying to convince others that he's close to getting a new job, it's time to take a step back. You're his partner, not his mother. If this is a pattern for you, it might be best to end the relationship and move on. Being single is a much better option than being in a relationship that's not fulfilling.