Stop Raising Your Boyfriend. He Should Be Your Equal, Not Your Child

Stop Raising Your Boyfriend. He Should Be Your Equal, Not Your Child

Being in a relationship means that you both make the relationship work. You care for each other. Loving him isn't wrong, but when he acts like a baby, then you are his caretaker. Not his girlfriend.

Here are some factors to determine if your boyfriend is your child instead:

1. He gets mad at small things

If your boyfriend gets upset by stuff like cleaning his room or going to work, he's not mature enough for you. The easy life has taught him that those are your responsibilities. His task is to sit back and wait for everything to be done.

2. You take care of him financially

Ideally, it's a man's job to ensure that his girlfriend or partner is comfortable financially. If it's the other way round, it should be enough to arouse your doubts. Lending him money once in a while is alright, but if you're the only one giving the cash, it's time to open your eyes and see things as they are.

3. His stuff is always a mess

Most men find it difficult to keep their lives in order. Don't judge him for that. There's no shame in organizing his stuff and cleaning up for him, but you should rarely do it. He's a grown man. His stuff is his responsibility.

4. You always defend him, even when he doesn't deserve it

If you keep telling yourself he will change and keep making excuses for him, it's time you do yourself a favor and dump him. You deserve so much better than wasting your hopes on him. No matter how many times he knocks, don't let him into your life again.

5. He's an expert at procrastination

Procrastination is totally fine, but if it's overdone, that's a whole other story. If your boyfriend hesitates to carry out tasks that you ask him to do and keeps putting them off for later, he's clearly showing you that he doesn't care about your feelings. He wants you to get the tasks done for him.

6. He insults you during every argument

Arguments are a normal part of every relationship. You shouldn't worry if you have one with your boyfriend. Your main source of worry should be when he insults you during the arguments. No matter how pissed off he is, he should have self-control. Don't keep forgiving him. Leave him.

7. He believes he's above the jobs he doesn't get

If your boyfriend is unemployed and looking for a job but keeps getting denied, how he reacts to the rejection is what matters. Dump him if he reacts like a child. He obviously isn't mature enough for you.

8. You're the only one making an effort

Both people in a relationship are responsible for their growth. If you're the only one with the plans, you call him, buy him gifts and take him out, please stop. You aren't the only one in the relationship. He should contribute as well.