Stop Praising Demi While Judging Every Other Addict Around You

Stop Praising Demi While Judging Every Other Addict Around You

It is estimated that around 115 people overdose on opioids in the United States alone every single day.

The most recent incident of hospitalization was Demi Lovato. She was still struggling with her addiction when this happened, and those trying to distance themselves away from her are in the wrong. Addiction does not discriminate and as reasonable people, neither should we. Addiction is an issue in life, and when we perceive the addicts in a stranger light than what we are used to, things get quickly out of hand.

Addicts require our support to avoid getting into trouble or going way beyond the boundaries of their abilities. Addiction shouldn't be taken lightly as it is a major issue in life and many lives have gone down the drain as a result of it. It brings about bad effects in life and has, for the most part, been the reason people have drifted away from one another. By being unable to support the habits, the people surrounding the addict seem to lack the support to hold on to them when they are most in need of assistance. Getting out of an addiction is possible and should be treated as seriously as the addict overdoses and is hospitalized.

Some people view addicts as less than we are. This means we are in the wrong and whatever happens to them also affects us in a major way. Knowing that the addicts we have in our lives can be corrected and brought to see life in a new way is also a reason for us to stop judging them. If we feel like they are less than what we are, we will be using different measures for the same characteristics, and this will create a void between the addicts and their so-called support. The gap that we create between them and us is also the same wall erected when they are in need of drugs, and they will no longer have to come to us for help. It also makes them phase out of our lives, and the moment we realize they have gotten out of hand, it's too late to make amends or even try to apologize. Drug addiction is the issue, but support should be made mandatory to avoid losing the ones we hold close in our lives.

Drug addiction is a contemporary issue in our lives, and addicts should never be made to feel like they have gone too astray from us. We should reel them in and show them the human side to it all, slipping and getting back up again. By reassuring them of our presence in their lives, we will be in a better position to be felt in their lives, and this means a better recovery process that is void of stumbling blocks and emotional blockades in the way. Lack of judgment for the addicts also frees them to look in every direction before making any decision.