Stop Minimizing Your Accomplishments To Make Men Feel Better About Themselves

Stop Minimizing Your Accomplishments To Make Men Feel Better About Themselves

A lot of women downplay their accomplishments to less ambitious and unsuccessful men. It's bad to dilute your success for the sake of making a man happy. Why are we even doing it? If you're doing it, you need to stop immediately.

Everyone should be responsible for his/her life choices. The following are the reasons why women downplay their success.

We fear that we will be seen as conceited

Our confidence should not be mistaken for arrogance. We are comfortable when men brag about their achievements even if they are small. We should start owning our achievements instead of hiding them.

We want to be on the same level

We try to build a common ground to make them feel that we have a mutual struggle. If he is not hardworking, you shouldn't sympathize with him. You should instead find a man on your level.

We don't want to hurt their feelings

We sympathize with men when they don't achieve their goals. We should not be responsible for their choices.

We visualize the future

We evaluate the potential of a guy, and we pretend to slow our progress to match his. We are not easily swept by the moment since we have self-control. We know that a lot of guys are not successful and we pretend to be slow like them, dragging ourselves down in the process.

We use soft language that demeans us

Why do we always apologize when we have done nothing wrong? Why should we fear being labeled as being aggressive? We should use demure language when necessary.

We don't believe in reality

Setbacks are common in all people, and we should live up to our expectations. The fact that we are loving, supportive and understanding should not make men feel it's okay to not improve. They should work hard to improve the situation and not excuse themselves because they feel you're understanding.

Culture encourages women's depreciation

Most TV shows and movies encourage self-depreciation in women. They insinuate that men should have all the achievements. They expect us to be comfortable when they whisk us away on their yachts and private jets. We are not half beings. We are capable of achieving more than them.

We downplay our achievements

Working hard is not special to us since we do it all the time. Success requires a lot of sacrifices. The fact that we sacrifice and work hard all the time makes us downplay our achievements.

We avoid intimidating them

We downplay our achievements since we fear that we may intimidate men. We don't want them to feel inadequate in comparison. If any man is intimidated by your success, then it means that he is insecure and you should avoid him.

The right man is celebrating right now

We should be proud and open to our success in order for us to enjoy the fruits of hard work. A good man should cheer you up when you are down. Our guys should celebrate our achievements regardless of their current situation.

Women should realize their power and shamelessly embrace their success. We should start glorifying our achievements just like men do.