Stop Ignoring A Woman; You're Teaching Her To Live Without You

Stop Ignoring A Woman; You’re Teaching Her To Live Without You

When you find a good woman, you should cherish her, shower her with love and attention. But, instead, you're ignoring her. Why? To appear more mysterious or to spend more time with your phone?

Quit playing games!

It's not a new concept, but by playing hard to get, you think you're winning her over. Playing games is fun when you're a teenager, but we are adults here.

Stop being childish, or you'll lose the best thing that ever happened to you. By ignoring a good woman, you're leaving her no choice but to get over you.

Turn off your precious phone!

The phone gets all the attention (and cash), cute cases, glass protection, and if the battery is low, your charger is always on standby. In the meantime, your partner is getting texts where you don't use words. Who needs words when you have emojis?

A good woman needs to be heard; she needs compliments, sweet, thoughtful gifts, and your time. When was the last time you woke up and gazed at your partner? When was the last time you two had a dinner date, and your phone wasn't on? What's the first thing you do when you wake up and before you go to sleep?

Now, this is where it gets emotional. While you're living your best life with your phone, you're teaching your partner to live without you. If you're not talking enough, not noticing them, and not allowing your relationship to grow you are risking it all.

Show her she's the one

Before you completely replace someone who loves you, and who'd do anything for you with a cell phone, maybe you should reconsider your priorities.

You need to use actions, kind words, and grand gestures. She's slipping away, so you better step up your dating game. From date nights to helping her gain strength and confidence to work on herself, she needs you to be there.

You cannot have intimacy, kindness, understanding if you don't give something in return. And what's even more impressive is that a good woman doesn't need much; however, she needs you to be present and to express your love.

Or let her go

If you can't give her what her heart desires, let her go. She's already one foot out of the door. And she knows and respects herself enough to know that she can't change you.

Maybe it's a lesson for you, and perhaps she wasn't the one for you. But once she's out of your life, there's nothing you can do to bring her back. You made it possible for her to learn to live without you, despite her efforts to stay.

If you can't let a good woman in your life and treasure her, she's not the problem. You are. Maybe you need more self-love or a better understanding of mature relationships. Or maybe you don't want to grow up, and you'll get enough satisfaction from superficial lovers and game nights with your buddies.