Stop Holding A Place In Your Heart For A Guy Who Doesn't Want It

Stop Holding A Place In Your Heart For A Guy Who Doesn’t Want It

You can't magically decide that your man isn't yours. Maybe he never was. But, you can make sure to do your best and get over him, because you need that love for someone more deserving.

Love lifts us or tears us apart. There's no in-between. If your heart belongs to someone who doesn't want it, you know that you should take it back. He doesn't want to be in it, so free the space for someone who wants to be part of you. Or, for a start, give it back to yourself.

He doesn't deserve you

If someone doesn't want to be part of your life fully, you shouldn't beg for their love crumbs. It's not just humiliating, it's painful, so exhausting, and in a way, you're doing it to yourself.

No man is worth your tears, time, and energy if he's not willing to give himself entirely to you. Unrequited love is an excellent concept for artists, but in real life, it's like you're drowning in a sea of sorrow. And there's no silver lining.

Start by loving yourself more

You can't merely tell yourself to stop and take your heart back. Getting over someone is a process. It doesn't matter if you were together for a long or short time.

The grief is real, and you need a plan to go back to life before that man entered your life. Yet, you should be aware that you will never be the same, which is a good thing, but you'll get to that. And there's no better way to beat heartache than by loving yourself more deeply and profoundly.

When you're in love, pieces of you are attached to that other person. Begin healing by claiming back what was always yours. You can't force someone to love you. And you can't make them feel something they can't. But you can show strength and prove to yourself that you're far better off on your own than in a one-sided relationship.

No more what-ifs

When your heart is in someone else's hands, your mind is always playing tricks on you. There are all these scenarios, and you get the craziest ideas on how to bring them back to you. But, they don't want to be back.

Sometimes, love fades away. Other times, people realize that they are better off. When love hurts, you know that things will never work. So, stop creating perfect scenarios and accept the awful truth.

Things will get better

It's the right thing to do, and you know it. Removing someone from your heart is not an easy decision, but when you accept it, things start to get better.

Spend time with friends, find a hobby, dedicate your time to something that will help you overcome the fallout of your relationship. Keep in mind that you can't own a person and that your man made his choice. So did you.

You'll wake up and realize that you're no longer crying your heart out. And there will be a sign of relief.

It will happen again

Life's a rollercoaster of heartaches, and some of those dreamy, perfect moments. Your heart will get broken again. And down the road, you'll break a few. But all that doesn't matter, as long as you know that real love awaits.

The whole concept of real love isn't about romance. It's about sharing life, having someone to lift you up, and someone to ground you. True love is respect, honor, and all those small, significant things from everyday life. It's a place where your heart is safe and protected.

Mending a broken heart is tough. What's even worse is giving it to someone who doesn't want it or never wanted it. But these soul crashing experiences are here for a reason. To teach you what you need from a man, not merely what you think you want.

You do need to kiss a lot of frogs to get to a prince unless you're a fortunate person. At least now, hopefully, you know, that you can always take back what's yours, and all it takes is one determined, sound decision that it's time to move on.