Stop Giving Your Feelings To A Guy Who Won't Claim You

Stop Giving Your Feelings To A Guy Who Won’t Claim You

If he refuses to put a label on you, he's probably just wasting your time, and standing in your way of finding real love. Leave him.

Though this might sound harsh, it is true. Why invest your time and energy on someone who is on the fence about whether he wants to be with you or not? If he can't commit to you, then he definitely can't make you happy. Here's why you should leave him, and why you should do it now.

1. He's just not that into you

If he does not want to commit to you, then he really doesn't see anything serious happening with you. You are not in his future. He'll use you and move on to sample other goods. Why wait around to be used when you clearly know he's not into you? You have better things to do than stick around and wait for him to have his way with you until he finds the next best thing. Do yourself a favor and leave. He's not worth it.

2. He's wasting your time

If he's joking around about how he wants to have fun and how he's not looking for something serious at the moment, he's just wasting your time. Do not invest your feelings in that type of guy. In the end, you'll be the one who'll get hurt, and he won't even care because he'll be busy with someone else. Relationships should not be one-sided. If you are not on the same page, then move on and find someone who is.

3. He's not a real man

A guy who plays around with your feelings and strings you along knowing very well that he doesn't plan to commit to you is not a real man. He's immature. He's not worth it. A real man will commit to you. He won't let you invest your time and feelings in a relationship that isn't going anywhere.

4. It will be harder to move on the longer you stay with him

If you stay with him hoping that he will one day decide to make it official, then when the time comes to leave him, you will have a really hard time. Gone are the days when women used to stay with a guy hoping to change him. Maybe it's because they woke up one day and finally realized that you cannot change a man. You find one that already knows how to treat you right. He's not claiming you? Then just leave him already! The longer you wait, the harder it will be to leave him.

5. Be real with yourself and set your standards high

Let's face it. Women have a sixth sense, that's why we always know when a guy is toying with us. Sometimes we just don't want to accept it because we are afraid of being alone. Question is, for how long will you let it keep happening? Yes, leaving him might be hard, or even scary, but it is definitely not impossible. Just make that decision and stand by it no matter what. Set your standards high and remind yourself that you deserve someone better. Do you know who will benefit in the end? Yes, you!