Stop Chasing Guys And Make Them Come After You With These 15 Tricks

Stop Chasing Guys And Make Them Come After You With These 15 Tricks

You need not be endowed with beauty and charm to have guys tripping over each other to get a shot at you. So, hear me out.

You have heard, or at least you know, that guys like to do the chasing. I'll put it another way: a guy will be more interested if he does the chasing.

That's one hell of a reason to never do the chasing.

So, now that we have established that chasing after him is a bad game plan, here are your options.

1. Be Available

Even though you don't want to chase, be available to spend time around him. That will deepen your connection and it can evolve into something else.

2. Maintain An Air Of Mystery

Here's the thing about men, they enjoy solving puzzles. Being a mystery will pique his interest. So, always hold something back to make him curious.

3. Work On Your Confidence

Confidence means being sure of yourself and loving yourself. Confidence comes with a lot of sex appeal guys cannot easily resist.

4. Be Feminine

Although femininity is getting a bad rep, it can be your strength as you try to get a guy. In fact, a strong woman who still maintains her feminine side is very appealing to guys.

5. Tell Him Personal Stuff

The weather is a good conversation starter, but that conversation cannot last long. Try to get deeper, and if he is interested, keep going. He'll keep getting hooked, and a connection will form.

6. Excitement

If a guy is excited around you and full of adrenaline, he will have a hard time forgetting you. So, make sure that your interactions with him get his heart pumping. The excitement will make him more attracted to you, and you know what comes after that? A desire for more exciting times with you.

7. Get A Nice Perfume

Get a sensual and sexy perfume and let your scent draw him in. Trust me, it works.

8. Get A Life

A guy cannot be your whole life. At least don't let him know that. Have goals and other interests besides him, and he will work to make you see him as worthy of your time.

9. Body Language

They say most of our communication is nonverbal. The smile, the look, the posture, and everything can tell a guy "come get me" without you having to do any chasing.

10. Ditch The Drama

If there's one thing men hate about women, it's drama. Gossiping for hours about a friend to a guy lowers your value in his eyes because you will seem like a jerk.

But that does not mean you have to like everyone. You can tell him you don't like someone, but don't dwell too much on it. Save that for your girlfriends.

11. A Bit Of Flirting

Flirting can be fun, but don't go overboard or he might lose interest.

12. Imitation

Imitation is the best form of flattery. When a guy sees that you like the same things he does, he will be very intrigued by you. Odds are that you might actually already love these things, which means it will not be an act.

13. Stop Being Clingy

You can't be clingy and expect a guy to chase after you. Never happened, never going to happen. So, don't do it, it's suffocating.

14. Be Relatable

How happy are you when someone "gets you?" Very impressed, right? We all are. So, be understanding and relate to the guy's experiences so he feels comfortable around you. You will stand out and be worthy of pursuit.

15. Compliment Him

It's easy to appear desperate here. So, don't overdo it. But a compliment here and there can do wonders for you. It could be his new shirt or anything unique about him. Just make sure it's sincere.

What have all these points taught you? First, don't look as interested as you are in the guy. The idea is to become more interesting to a guy so that he feels you are worth pursuing.