Stop Caring What People Think

Stop Caring What People Think

It feels like it has taken me forever to get to the stage in my life where I really have stopped caring what people think about me and my life decisions. I've found the less I care, the happier my life has become. From now on, I do what is right for me as long as it harms no one else, my conscience is crystal clear.

We all like to be liked by people, so much so that we often forgo our own needs, wants, and feelings to keep others happy. Most people don't even notice when we go above and beyond to keep them happy. The trouble with doing so much for others is it becomes expected, the norm and when we stop doing so much for others the first thing they do is bad mouth us and claim we have let them down.

Of course, it is nice to do things for others it is after all human nature to be like this, but you do have to draw a strong line eventually and set your boundaries. Once the boundaries are set, that is when you notice the difference in people's behavior towards you, but as long as you know you are doing the right thing, seriously who cares what others think!

We seem to be a generation who is afraid of what others think.

There will always be those that find fault with us and how we live our lives. I say let them be that way and let's get on with living our lives.

There will always be "those people" who get angry with you, offended by your decisions to get on with your life, and those that feel they have every right to get into your business and have an opinion.

Those people are the ones whose lives are so boring and unhappy, that they have to keep putting their nose where it doesn't belong. This behavior says all you need to know about that person, so do yourself a favor and distance yourself as quickly as possible.

A lot of this behavior is jealousy, as you are living your life the only way they can dream of doing, the sad thing is if they let go of their anger issues and took steps the same as you have, to improve their lives, then life would be a happy place for them too.

As you change your life there will be people who will lie about you and put you down. Remember liars always get caught in the end, so flip the bird and move on, don't get embroiled in the drama they are causing, it's unhealthy for you.

Your inner circle will over time become smaller and that's fine, it just means you have removed the people who should never have been there in the first place. You will be left with those that have your best interests at heart, who are honest with you, who are always reliable, and have the same moral standing as you do.

Suddenly the people who had the loudest and at times even abusive opinions of you are gone, and your life becomes peaceful, happy and you really do stop caring what those outside your inner circle think of you.