Stop Caring So Much About The Man Who Doesn't Make You A Priority

Stop Caring So Much About The Man Who Doesn’t Make You A Priority

I think you should know something. My life has been a little different as of late. There has been quite a bit of drama in my life. I also remember what a roller-coaster ride last year was for me. My life was simply chaotic. I wasted so much time on people who were not worth it.

But that was hardly the first time it happened. I now realize that this has been a pattern. I have been giving the wrong people my time again and again. As they say, a time comes when the worm has to turn. And for me, it did when I took a deep hard look at things and realized where I was going wrong.


So, some things had to stop for my own good. I had to distance myself from some people.

This goes for everybody. A time comes when you have to accept that life is too freaking short. That is why it is not worth spending any moment of your time on someone who does not deserve it. You should spend your time on people who think of you as a priority.

You have to accept one truth – for a relationship to work, two individuals must make an effort. Anything less is, with all due respect, is a terrible waste of your time. So, if you are with someone who does not make an effort or someone who intentionally avoids doing their part, then you should move on.


Trust me, I know it is not as easy as it sounds. But it is doable. It can be hard to walk away from something you want, especially if you don't have an alternative. I know this pain, but I also know very well that it is nothing compared to the pain of putting your effort and energy into a relationship that is not headed anywhere.

You might want so badly for things to work out that you fail to see all the signs telling you that it's time you called it quits and wait for another chance at love. When someone fails to make you a priority in your life, know that things will never work out. The pressure you will have to put on yourself will just keep mounting, and in the end, it might even break you.


A good healthy relationship needs to offer you stability and meaning.

With the wrong people, you will put everything on the line and get nothing in return. You should not regret putting that much effort into the relationship, it is the least someone genuine about being in a long-term relationship with another person would do. You just have to learn to move on, because once you find the right person, that effort will all be worth it.


What you should try to avoid is giving so much of your time and effort to someone who will not do the same for you. Obviously, in a relationship, you have to learn to give your all, and you deserve a partner who appreciates that and tries to do the same for you.

So, as soon as you realize that someone is just a waste of your time, get out of the relationship. Because the longer you hold on, the harder it will be to free yourself, and the more you will hurt when you finally do.


Walking away is the hardest part for most people. Most people find it easier to think that a little more effort is all they need and things will change for the better. But deep down, they know the truth – the relationship will never work, despite their best intentions.

You see, when true love comes your way, you will not have to put everything on the line and still walk away empty-handed. You will get rewarded for your effort.