Stop Bragging About Your Relationship On Social Media — It's Annoying AF

If you feel the need to constantly seek validation for your relationship on social media, it might be a sign of insecurity. While some of your friends may offer support, the majority of your followers are probably rolling their eyes at your constant posts about your significant other. If you find yourself doing any of the following, you might be coming across as obnoxious:

1. You Post Endless Pictures

What is the purpose of your behavior? Are you attempting to signal to other women that your partner is off-limits? Your lack of confidence is evident. Your behavior may come across as attention-seeking, but true substance lies in how you both treat each other, not in broadcasting your relationship to the world.

2. You Create Sappy Status Updates On A Daily Basis

Take your personal drama elsewhere. Posting it all over social media is unnecessary and often makes you look attention-seeking. In fact, giving someone a compliment in person or having a private conversation is much more meaningful than a public post. So next time, put down the phone and have a real conversation.

3. You Write Love Letters

Gone are the days of writing on someone's Facebook wall, except for those annoying couples who can't stop bragging. If you really want to express your love, why not just turn to each other and say it? You're probably sitting right next to each other on the couch anyway, so why the need to show off to others?

4. You Can't Help But Throw It Back On Thursday #TBT

This platform is for sharing throwback memories of childhood and the past, not for posting pictures of a recent couple's trip. Your followers have already seen that photo, but you feel the need to repost it. Are you trying to relive happy memories, or is it possible that your current relationship is not as fulfilling as it used to be?

5. You Check-In To Every Date

Do you really need to broadcast every little thing about your dinner plans with your boyfriend on Facebook? Sharing every single detail of your relationship on social media shows that you're not fully present in the moment and more concerned with curating a virtual reality. It's time for a reality check: your relationship isn't that special that everyone needs to know about it.

6. You Post Personal Holiday Gift Guides

You feel the need to capture every little thing your partner gives you, whether it's jewelry, flowers, or coffee, and share it on Instagram. Is it to make others envious? But the truth is, there's nothing to be envious of because instead of living in the moment and enjoying your relationship, you're too busy trying to prove its greatness online.

7. You Construct Regular Appreciation Posts

Expressing gratitude to your partner is important, but why share it with the world when you can just tell him directly? Broadcasting your appreciation for your partner on social media seems unnecessary and attention-seeking. The true value lies in expressing it to your significant other, not in gaining the validation of your friends and followers.

8. You Use Mondays To Crush On Your Man #MCM

Seriously, do we need to give you an award for being attracted to your significant other? It's a given, so there's no need to put up a show. You're not fooling anyone with your fake performance. It's not just about making your partner feel good, you also want to show off and remind others that you have someone special in your life.

9. You Make Everything A Big Announcement

It's fine to share big news like getting engaged, pregnant, or adopting a pet, but there's no need to announce every single detail. You also don't have to make it a grand spectacle with multiple photos and a lengthy post about every little change in your life. Your numerous online friends don't have to know that your partner gave you their key or where exactly your new house is located.

10. You're Just As Verbal About Your Breakup

It appears that you require validation from social media to feel good about your relationship. However, constantly flaunting your partner on social media can do more harm than good. Instead, it's time to focus on building a strong and healthy relationship without the need for public approval. Keep your love life private and let your actions speak louder than your Instagram posts.