Stop Blaming "The Other Woman" For Your Boyfriend Cheating — He's The One Who Betrayed You

Stop Blaming "The Other Woman" For Your Boyfriend Cheating — He's The One Who Betrayed You

It may sound totally fair to blame other women for coming onto your boyfriend and tempting him to cheat on you, but it is actually not their fault. If your boyfriend betrays you, it is entirely his fault.

It sure does suck to deal with betrayal from someone you care about, and there are few things less disrespectful than that. So, you might try to take away the blame from him to save face and "protect" your relationship. But that is the last thing you should do; and here are the reasons why.


1. If He Cannot Resist, Then He Has Failed As A Partner

Even if women come onto your boyfriend, it is up to him to brush off those advances and remain faithful to you. And if he is not strong enough to remain faithful to you, then he is simply not a good partner. His cheating has nothing to do with other women but his own weaknesses.

2. It's Possible She Did Not Know About You

Believe it or not, there are decent women out there who unfairly get accused of being man-thieves. So, the woman you are blaming might not have known that your boyfriend was in a relationship before she was romantically involved with him.


3. What About Other Women?

Think about it – if you have blamed a certain woman for your boyfriend's unfaithfulness, what about the other women he has cheated on you with? Blaming other women makes him feel less responsible for his behavior, and it can only encourage him to do it again in the future. So, if he cheats, it is entirely his fault, and it's putting up with it that can make it worse.


4. You Are In A Relationship With Him Alone

Although no girl should go after another girl's man, you cannot heap all the blame on her when your boyfriend cheats. At the end of the day, he is the one who should look out for you to ensure you are not hurt emotionally or otherwise. So, while the actions of other women might be excusable, his should not.

5. Men Should Take Responsibility For Their Actions

In many instances, women get blamed for relationships and marriages that fail due to infidelity. But this is totally unfair and it is not something you should believe. If your boyfriend acts inappropriately and betrays your trust, understand that it would not have happened without his cooperation. Knowing that he was in a relationship, he could have avoided that situation altogether.


6. He Did Not Do It At Gunpoint

Some guys come up with lame excuses why they betrayed you by saying that it was an accident because they were drunk or some other nonsense. But at the end of the day, nobody came to him with a deathly ultimatum to sleep with another woman. He chose to do it and is totally responsible for the betrayal.

7. He Violated Your Trust

Your partner is the only person you should fully trust as far as your relationship goes because the relationship is between you and him. So, if he goes on to flirt and have sex with another woman, it is entirely his fault, not anyone else's.


8. Accept That He Made A Decision To Cheat

Men are not as weak as society makes them out to be when it comes to sexual advances. Any grown man knows what he is getting into, and he knows when to back off before things get completely out of hand. So, if he cheats, accept that he made the decision to do that or put himself in a position where that was the only outcome.